Happy Veterans Day

To all Veterans who served in any War, I hope you enjoy your holiday. That includes my Dad, who is a Veteran of the Korean War, and my brother, who is a Veteran of the Gulf War.

I can’t remember where I was reading about peace symbols yesterday, but I had no clue that the forked peace symbol was designed for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in Britain. It was designed from the semaphoric signals for “N” and “D,” for Nuclear Disarmament.


And then there is the V-sign you make with your index finger and middle finger. Used to symbolize peace in the 1960’s, it also symbolizes victory.

Sometimes I think we spent too much time in social studies when I was in school studying history rather than current events since I don’t remember learning about these symbols. I think that has changed now, fortunately, based on what I saw and heard as a judge this past March at Central New York History Day (and I’m looking forward to judging again in March 2007). Those students who win at this event go on to the New York State History Day event in Cooperstown, NY. Those who win at Cooperstown go to the National level. It’s quite cool!