“Babies,” Update on Inverted Jenny Stamp

First I saw this “baby” eating:

I watched him/her eat for a little while, eating leaves off the low branches, and stuff off the ground:


Then he/she started to get nervous so he moved, and here’s the other “baby” 14Nov2006-009

One of the neighbors was being noisy with their vehicle engine: 14Nov2006-013

And here’s a final shot of them both: 14Nov2006-015

It was nice to see my backyard “babies” again!

Update on the Inverted Jenny – I just heard that it could be worth millions of dollars. WOW!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sandy
    Nov 14, 2006 @ 16:42:02

    I have never been able to get that close to a deer! Good shots! Are you close enough to the woods to worry about hunters?


  2. Pam
    Nov 14, 2006 @ 20:41:00

    Hi Sandy, I took the photos through my window using the zoom feature. In the fall I hear gun shots even though hunting isn’t allowed around here.


  3. Susan Gets Native
    Nov 14, 2006 @ 22:17:16

    It’s nice when children come to visit.
    Give ME that darn stamp! Whoever did this is going to be kicking himself!


  4. Laura
    Nov 14, 2006 @ 22:52:30

    Do you put out food for them, or are they just browsing in your garden?


  5. Pam
    Nov 15, 2006 @ 19:09:50

    Susan, yup it is. I know, we work hard for our money, and to have people just give it away, to the gov’t no less!
    Laura, I don’t put anything out for the deer. They browse in my garden, but in these photos they’re browsing at the edge of the woods where I have kept it wild.


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