Please bear with me, I’ll get back to nature – I just have this other stuff on my mind, too. Well see, I’ve been sewing quite a bit lately – baby stuff and I’ve just started putting it on my website. Years ago my Mom advised me not to use Coats & Clark Thread, for reasons I can’t quite remember. The other day I read a post by someone I respect about Coats & Clark Thread wherein she said this thread is now known to ruin sewing machines. Don’t know how, but it does (if someone can enlighten me, that would be great)! This is quite unfortunate, because I can match Coats & Clark Thread the best to any material I’m using.

So of course, I had to run an experiment. I used an old spool of Coats & Clark Thread to sew up the raw edges of my new material so I could preshrink it without it ravelling. No problem. I used a new spool of Coats & Clark Thread to start working on said material to make some quilts. People, after a while my sewing machine starting making the most horrible clickety clackety sound from the bobbin area I thought it was going to give up the ghost. So I switched over to Gutermann Thread (a good thread). And the noise went away. I moved onto another project, put in another spool of new Coats & Clark Thread, and this time after a few minutes of use a wicked clickety clackety noise started coming from the cams area (I have an old electro-mechanical sewing machine that I wouldn’t give up for nothing). So back to Gutermann Thread and the noise went away. I’m not making this up. I love doing experiments, and this one proved to me that if I continue using Coats & Clark Thread, I will be taking my sewing machine in for an overhaul.

Here I have three Coats & Clark Thread spools. The left one is one from the early 80’s when you could buy a honkin’ huge spool of thread for $1.09, and it was made in the good ole US of A. The middle spool is from the mid 80’s when a smaller spool of thread cost $1.09, and still made in the good ole US of A. The spool to the right is way more than $1.09, but now it is made in Mexico.

I have spools of thread when wood was used for spools from my Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother – mostly Coats & Clark (or J.P. Coats, I’d have to get them out) and the thread feels wonderful! In the present day thread, the thread feels icky and has fibers sticking out of it.

Sorry Coats & Clark Thread now manufactured in Mexico, I will no longer be using you – I’m on to Gutermann for now – unless and until I discover something even better – something that won’t require me to spring for a new sewing machine. It’s too bad, and so sad, to see a once known good product from an original US of A company go down the tubes.