Moon, The Nutcracker, The Gym

So last night I took my dinner dishes to the kitchen and saw a sliver of the moon at dusk so I had to take a photo for you through the window:

Mom and I went to see The Nutcracker ballet at the Eastman Theatre last night First, let me say I *love* old theatres – there’s nothing being built like these old theatres today. The photos in the link don’t do it justice at all. We sat in the Mezzanine right in the front – in my opinion these are perfect seats. And each seat was a chair all by itself, so you have your own armrest. Now that’s a theatre. I thought for sure I could find some awesome photos of this theatre online. I guess I’ll have to take some photos sometime.

Second, I love watching a good ballet. I love watching not only the dancing, but seeing the flexibility of the dancers and the beautiful costumes. And I love the orchestra. I think Tchaikovsky’s (try spelling that three times right) compositions are amazing. Mom and I see The Nutcracker every few years, and it changes every time we see it, so it never gets boring.

I saw a quick interview of Lauren Bacall because her latest autobiography just came out in paperback, and when asked what her secret to her radiance and youthfulness are, she replied “Remain curious, interested, and go to the gym.” GO. TO. THE. GYM. Cool, not spa, fitness center, but GYM. Say it like it is Lauren – how cool is that? I hope if I make it to 82 I’m still weight training at the GYM. I plan on it. My Mom just started working out at the gym and she *loves* it. She wonders why she didn’t listen to me before – telling her she would love it. I’m already seeing muscle definition on her just after two weeks.

It is such a beautiful day here, and it has been beautiful for the past few days, that I’ve got to get outside. I hope you enjoy your day!