Moon, More on “My Parents I”

Here’s another moon photo I took last night. The light around the moon was really intense, and shows in the photo:


This is part of Susan’s comment from yesterday’s post, in response to the My Parents I painting: “I googled Henry Koerner, and I learned the term “magic realism”. And that much of his work is coming from the guilt he carried being the only survivor of his family.” Thanks for the comment Susan. I can’t even imagine being in this man’s shoes. I asked my Mom the significance of the string around the chandelier – it represents Henry Koerner’s ties to his home and family. This painting is still getting to me. I’ve done extensive reading about the Jewish during World War II and the concentration camps over the years, and there are no words adequate to describe how I feel.

It was yet another gorgeous day – I actually have been opening my windows during the day (they’re open at night – the only way for me to sleep good). This weather makes it hard to realize I need to call and arrange for a snow plow person for the impending winter!