. . . Title Removed . . .

The title applies to how hard I worked today – phew! I was at OHA today, originally thinking I would finalize the Powerpoint presentation for the upcoming Christmas events, and work with Sarah on the image database. That’s it – that would have been enough. NOPE! I worked with Mike to switch the display case tops on two display cabinets (the one top was cracked because it was screwed down too hard). Cool thing – I didn’t know that the screws that hold these babies on are different than a regular screw – they have two holes in them and you have to have a special screwdriver so no Tom, Dick or Harry off the street can steal the museum’s stuff. Pretty cool. I also dismantled the curiosities mini-exhibition that I put together a few weeks ago and put all of the items back in their proper places in storage – this exhibition included, among many cool things, a mummy hand and a cremation casket – it was for their Halloween Ghost Walk – and yes, those two items really creeped me out big time. I worked on a couple of deaccessioning spreadsheets for Tom – filling in the details of the items they would like to sell. I took photos of Onondaga Pottery / Syracuse China dishes for Dennis’ lecture Syracuse China Rides the Rails! coming up on Dec. 10. Wanna see the photos – look here. And I cut eight more CD’s of images that Sarah has scanned in so I can slowly add them to the OHA online images database which will be announced in the very near future. Hokay! So after I was done I got to the 7th floor of the Fayette Parking Garage at 4:27 PM:


It was a glorious 61 degrees F:


And the sky was beautiful!


The building with the time and temperature on it is the MONY building (Mutual of New York) in Syracuse, and it’s really cool, because it also displays when it is about to precipate or precipating (in case you didn’t know it by getting all wet or getting snowed on) by intermittent lights going down the pole that is holding the X-Mas star. The lights are a different color depending on the type of precipitation. You can pretty much see this from anywhere in the city and surrounding areas.

4 Responses to “. . . Title Removed . . .”

  1. Susan Gets Native on 29 Nov 2006 at 10:29 pm # edit this

    Okay, I didn’t understand a single thing you said until you started talking about the screws. But it sounds like a busy day, anyway.

    The MONY building: We have something sort of like that here in Cincinnati. The Chiquita building (yeah, the banana people) have different colored lights on the roof that change to tell people what weather is coming. (Which only works when it’s dark and if you live close enough to the Chiquita building to see it)

  2. Pam on 30 Nov 2006 at 2:21 pm # edit this

    Susan, the powerpoint presentation is like what you see at the movies (except better) with trivia questions and pertinent photos in between the questions and answers. It’s fun to put together.
    Cool – I didn’t know if other cities had buildings that did this! Too bad you can’t see it. You can see the MONY tower day or night, near or far – because Syracuse is in a valley (which used to be a swamp, but that’s going back quite a few years).

  3. Sandy on 30 Nov 2006 at 5:34 pm # edit this

    What exactly is your job title, Pam? I agree with Susan, I didn’t understand most of what you did, but sounds like you do something with artifacts. Do you work at a museum or a library?

    Warm here too, I was out this afternoon trimming grass along the front of the house, on the last day of November!

  4. Pam on 30 Nov 2006 at 5:41 pm # edit this

    Hi Sandy, I work at the Onondaga Historical Ass’n Museum & Research Center. I don’t really have a job title – yet – I just do whatever they ask me to do! I really enjoy working with all types of artifacts. It was fun going through their railroad china yesterday, since I love china.
    The rain is coming this way – I just had to close most of the windows!