More Bryce Canyon, Good Planets – Oh My! And Flickr

Yesterday I was catching up with all of my email, blogs, etc., and found Good Planets on Flickr – oh my – if you need to see some excellent nature photos (and who doesn’t), you’ll definitely want to check this out.

Here’s three more photos I took from Rainbow Point at Bryce Canyon:

bryce-rainbowpoint2 bryce-rainbowpoint3 bryce-rainbowpoint5

I received an email from a very good friend of mine – actually my best friend from high school (what better friend than a friend you went through high school with, huh)? She said she enjoyed my blog and all of the photos – and she mentioned photos that I *know* I don’t have on my blog. So I finally figured out that all of the photos that I’ve been adding to Flickr as Private for Friends and Family are actually Public because there’s an over-all switch that was set at Public. So I stayed up until midnight testing that (unwanted) people can no longer see *all* of my Flickr photos. This isn’t meant to keep my blog friends and family out, so if there is a photo you would like enlarged, just let me know! And if for some reason my photos are still public, could you please let me know – by that I mean if you click on a photo in my blog and can see it in Flickr, then I’m still public. Thanks!

And now that Yahoo!Photos is out of it’s Beta phase, I’m making sure all of my albums are private there, too. Again, this is not meant to keep my friends out!