1874 U.S. Postage Stamp Website! & The World of Ornament

This is so cool! I found out about a website that shows all of the U.S. Stamps from 1874 to 1970. I love old stamps, in case you couldn’t have guessed from my Inverted Jenny stamp blog post, so it’s really fun to go through these. I can imagine using them for my personal scrapbooking! I love the old fashioned Christmas stamps like this one from 1969:

Of course anything to do with nature, like this John Muir stamp from 1964:


And then there’s a Grandma Moses stamp from 1969:


What about you, do you like commemorative postage stamps? By the way, my older brother just told me the Inverted Jenny stamp turned out to be a hoax. Alrighty then. People with not enough good, constructive stuff to do drive me crazy.

I think this book will remain on my wish list for quite a while given its high price – The World of Ornament which comes with a DVD of unrestricted use, high resolution scans wherein you can print out any design you wish – imagine the scrapbooking and crafts you could do with the designs from this book!
The World of Ornament

So much to do, so little time!