Roof Rakes for Snow

I try very hard to buy local, but when I run around to 50 (okay four, oh alrighty then, three) different home supply stores to look for a roof rake to keep the snow off of my home’s roof this winter, and I get the answer, we don’t carry them, we don’t have them yet, what’s a roof rake, blah blah blah, then I go to the Internet. And I found Roof Rakes online, at no other than


While I hate paying for shipping, I have wasted who knows how much in gas and time, and I don’t have to pay tax because it is out of state. I’m sure it has to be a nightmare being a retailer and trying to keep up with peoples’ demands, but it seems that I’m always heading towards the Internet for my various needs. Oh well. I tried! I did however pick up some birdseed and some reflectors at one of the stores, so all was not lost!

Do you use a roof rake to keep the snow off of your roof? This is the first winter I’m trying one and I’m curious if they really work.