Miss Kitty is Missing

I’m so sad. My parents are very sad. Miss Kitty is missing. She’s not even my cat. She got out Wednesday night when my Mom got home, it was dark so Mom didn’t see her sneak out. My parents went to bed, my Dad went to feed her the next morning, and no kitty, nowhere to be found. So they started looking all around outside – no kitty footprints in the snow. She hates houses and she hates being picked up, so we doubt she’s in somebody’s home. They’re going to give it a couple more days, have one final look around in the woods, etc. and then look at getting another kitty next week before the critters take over the barn and garage. I feel so bad. I know cats are a dime a dozen, but this is one smart, cool cat.
17Sep2006 003

Why is it that animals get so deep into your heart it hurts so bad?