One Archive I Wouldn’t Want to Work At

Okay, as you know by now, I’m interested in archives and I’m learning about archival procedures, etc. I just happened to turn on the TV at 7:00 PM EST, tuned to CBS (I never watch regular TV) and saw that “60 Minutes” had just started airing a piece called “Hilter’s Secret Archives.” Hilter and his people kept *very* detailed records of 17.5 million Jewish people, slave laborers, political prisoners, homosexuals and Roma, which total 50 million documents and covers 16 miles of shelves. It takes a few minutes for me to think about how many records that actually is.

They showed detailed documents of Anne Frank. Three men were shown their records that have been kept in these secret archives. For one man, the reporter started reading the number on his record and the man finished it because he said he has to see the number every day – on his arm and he showed it. Another man remembered that the trough that they urinated in contained people that were on the edge of dying. They had to urinate on dying people. Okay, by now, my stomach has flipped a few times. One man lost his entire family and for some reason he was spared. They all have had to live with the terrible memories. Just like Henry Koerner who painted My Parents I (which I previously blogged about).
Koerner Henry - My Parents EX2006.GG4.31

These records have been kept at Bad Arolsen in Germany and are now being digitized. They will be available to the public soon. This is one archive I would not enjoy working at.

Thank You Susan Gets Native!

Thank you so much for the beautiful handmade Christmas card! I love it! Okay, I know who Nellie and Lulu are. I’m assuming starting with Queen, Pandora, Buddha and etc. are the cats. How many cats do you have? Are the fish Laverne and Shirley? Who is Cuter? Oh my, so many animals, so much love!

And here’s some pretty fall color for you from LaFayette in 1976. These are the last of the slides I scanned in.


I hope you and your family and animals all enjoy your holidays!