Don’t Wanna, Don’t Make Me!

There was a woman who worked for me at one time who used to come into my office saying that. Funny thing is, she was just letting off steam, because she was the best worker I had. But it’s a saying I’ve picked up when I really don’t want to do something. I signed up to take a State test next week, and I need to study for it. I don’t really have a clue what to study (they don’t have a study guide for this test), but I’ve been told to study plant diseases and damaging insects and their lifecycles. Another part of the test is to see how well I can write, how well I can read spec sheets and comprehend them. I hate tests. I hate tests when I don’t know the format of the test. I wish they would take my GPA and work history and realize that I know my stuff and I work hard. Hokay, now that I got that off my chest, I’m ready to go study, maybe. . . the pile of books I have is really daunting. . . To get me started, here’s a photo of Tent Caterpillars of the Lepidoptera order. They make my skin crawl just looking at them here.

On another subject, I went shopping this morning since I was down to hardly anything to eat, and stopped to look at the candles. Julie Z. had mentioned some natural soy candles that she likes, and I think I found what she was talking about. Always looking for a good deal I didn’t buy them yet, but I noted the store price and the website, which is Mmmm they all sound like they would smell gooooood (the ones they had in the store did). I think I might start with the Pine Needles & Cedarwood scented one, or the Ylang Ylang, Patchouli & Pine Needles (I *love* patchouli and pine needles). Or the Cinnamon & Clove candle. Decisions, decisions. By the way, the candles were more reasonable at my local store than they are on this website. So when I run out of food again, I think I’ll pick up a candle. I love candlelight during this time of year. How about you, do you like candles? Which scents do you like?