(Partial) Year in Review Meme

I saw this on Laura’s Somewhere in NJ blog, and thought it was an interesting idea. The idea is to put the first sentence of the first entry of each month here. Shoot, I have to be careful next year, some of them are b-o-r-i-n-g (snore):

The Matterhorn Nursery is awesome – it is a gardener’s paradise. more here

Wave Hill is in the Bronx, and it had an awesome sounding bird, some huge trees, an urban forest, two beautiful old homes, and gardens with greenhouses. more here

HT06 WH 071

It rained last night and now it is cooler out – 70 degrees F at 10:20 AM – yay! more here

I haven’t seen a live Luna Moth since I was a kid. more here

29June2006 Luna Moth

The temperature is supposed to reach 100 degrees F today, with a heat index of 110. more here


I rec’d a comment from Susan Gets Native about my lack of posts – I’m sorry Susan! more here

Mom and I went to Saratoga Springs this weekend, with the express purpose of attending the Saratoga Native American Festival held at The Saratoga Spa State Park. more here

30Sep2006 038

I really like the central and western New York state outdoor books written by Rich and Sue Freeman, owners of the Footprint Press. more here

Yesterday I was catching up with all of my email, blogs, etc., and found Good Planets on Flickr – oh my – if you need to see some excellent nature photos (and who doesn’t), you’ll definitely want to check this out. more here

This isn’t part of the meme, but one of my favorite photos I took this year is of Tinker Falls on Mother’s Day – not just for the photo itself but because we returned to a place my parents used to take us when we were young:
MD06 019

I truly hope everyone has a Happy and Healthy New Year!