I’m feeling like a Geekazoid, Euphorbia plant

Here’s some of the Plant Pathology and Insect books I’ve been studying – these are just a few of the textbooks I had for school – even though they don’t look like I cracked them open, I use them quite a bit. I love books and take really good care of them.
2006-12-29 006 Books

Once I started attacking these books, I realized it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. And insects ARE actually really cool. Just as long as we keep our distance from each other. I was reminded when going through my old tests that I learned at Cornell’s Geneva Experiment station about a beneficial mite that lives in the little hairs of grape leaves. I’ll have to post the full story about this little mite another day.

Actually, the reason why I had the camera out today while I’m studying was to post this photo for Animal Lover, who gave me this Euphorbia plant back in August of 2005. He warned me when it got to its reproduction stage it would start shooting seeds all over the place and little plants would start growing in the pot. I’m not at the seed shooting stage yet, but as you can see, I think it’s going to happen soon:
2006-12-29 001 Euphorbia-close

It also has an arm growing out of its side. This plant is definitely for anyone with any type of thumb. I haven’t been able to kill it, even though I ignore it by forgetting to water it and I don’t give it enough sunshine (it’s a tropical plant, so it would love tons of sun). It is in need of replanting into a much bigger pot which I’ll do in February. 2006-12-29 002 Euphorbia

It keeps on growing like a weed.  It is taking over my living room.
And as I was writing this post last night, I saw another gorgeous sunset.

2006-12-29 010

I *love* winter tree silhouettes.

2006-12-29 009

How about you, do you like tree silhouettes? Have you ever seen or heard of this Euphorbia plant?