Day: January 1, 2007

This Looked Ominous!

I was leaving my home yesterday at 2:50 PM for the second time and I thought it was a beautiful day full of bright sunshine. Until I got out onto the main road and saw the sun was about ready to hide behind an ominous looking bank of clouds coming my way. By the time I went back home to get the camera and take these photos, the sun was already behind the clouds – between the sun moving west and the clouds moving northeast, it disappeared really fast! This is looking towards the southwest:

2006-12-31 002

Here’s a photo looking towards the west.

2006-12-31 004

And yet another photo looking west – more northerly than the previous photo.

2006-12-31 003

Of course, I was travelling into this ominous darkness. I would have preferred to turn around and head east! The evening brought ice rain, but this morning its just rain – thankfully. I’ve lived through one major ice storm, and don’t want to ever do that again. Okay, it’s January 1st and now I would like *some* snow – not a blizzard, just enough snow cover to protect everyone’s plants.

Happy New Year!