Life Birds – Please Don’t Laugh Too Hard!

Okay, so after the gym today I decided to take a quick side trip to Irondequoit Bay which is all of 30 seconds out of my way. There’s always tons of birds down there, so I decided to start investigating them. If you could pretty please give positive identification of these birds I would greatly appreciate it! I have ideas, but I don’t wanna say. I know you can do this in your sleep!
I had to stand on this Irondequoit Bay Outlet Bridge –

2007-01-02 023

which shakes bad when anything drives across it – I had to try hard not to think about falling into the bay while capturing bird photos. This group of birds swam over to me thinking I was going to feed them.

2007-01-02 008

I saw why after I photographed them. An old man came out with his bag of corn for the birds. But before he came out, I capture some more photos of them.

2007-01-02 013 2007-01-02 015 2007-01-02 017 2007-01-02 016

I *love* birds in motion on the water – the little wake they leave behind them is so cool.

This piggie – I mean gull – was eating a fish, but my batteries gave out and by the time I reloaded I did catch it spreading its wings and then posing.

2007-01-02 020 2007-01-02 021

This is the view from the middle of the bridge looking at the outlet of the bay leading out to Lake Ontario. I cannot believe I took these photos today. Usually by this time the bay – which is much bigger than what I’ve shown here – is iced over and people are ice fishing all over it.
2007-01-02 011

And then looking slightly east of the previous photo out onto Lake Ontario: 2007-01-02 014

I stopped at one more place before the second set of old batteries croaked and captured two swan hinies through the window:

2007-01-02 027

And two other swans upright – again through the window:

2007-01-02 026

I’ll be going back there! Thanks for your help! 😀

Happy Birthday Susan Gets Native!

Happy Birthday Susan! I hope you have an “euphorbic” day!


While I can’t give you your Snowy Owl or other lifers (unless you go to Arizona with me), I can give you a cool link to Ohio Memory – An Online Scrapbook of Ohio History. Hopefully you’ll find some interesting stuff there.

I hope you enjoy your birthday, and have a successful year adding many birds to your life list!