March 5-7 1971 Blizzard Photos from LaFayette Rd. LaFayette, NY

Because I’m buckling down tonight for tomorrow’s test (I know, it’s about time), I’m posting another one of my Dad’s blizzard stories. I remember there’s some other great photos from this blizzard – and I will scan them in sometime and show you. One I remember is my Dad’s company car sitting in the driveway covered to the top with snow, and our cat Domino walking on top of the snow next to the top of the car. For now, my Dad was focusing on the amazing snow plowing equipment to clear the roads.
Written by my Dad, January 2006

The first photo was snapped on the 5th of March, 1971. The snow had stopped falling during the night. The morning was spent plowing out the driveway at 2615-2617 LaFayette Rd. The roads were unpassable, the result of excessive snowfall and some wind. This day was sunny and when the driveway was plowed the ice and snow started to melt. Clearing the driveway was aided by the road being shut. Most of the snow was pushed across the road, up and over the guard rail and down a steeply sloped field. The near hill, in the background is called “Irish Hill.” The far hill is the ridge from Pompey north. Sweet Road runs the ridge north from Pompey to the Town of Manlius.


The next four photos were taken on March 6, 1971. The county used a rotary plow to open the road. Note the neighbors to the north out in the road, checking the progress. Snow-p3 Snow-p2

The next photo of the rotary plow is looking south down the valley, toward Apulia Station. The three standing together watching the rotary plow moving toward them are my children Nat, Pam and Todd. Snow-p1

The next photo, taken on March 6, 1971, is of a Walter “Snow Fighter.” It has a “V” plow with a 14 foot wing on both the left and right sides of the truck. The truck has 4 wheel positive drive. The outside wheel of the rear duals were removed for snow fighting with tire chains on the remaining four wheels and the dump body loaded with heavy solid concrete balast. These machines could move snow!


This last photo was taken on March 7, 1971. This photo witnesses the capability of these Walter plows to lift and move the snow. This photo was taken from inside our car on LaFayette Rd. travelling north just beyond the Crow Farm homestead. It is evident that more snow will be removed to widen the passage to normal width. Snow-p5

Susan, Mary, another car photographer! I remember him taking this photo, too. I wondered at the time what the big deal was, but now I’m glad he captured these photos!
And the temperature today in my town was 60 degrees F and rainy. No coat would have been needed if not for the rain.