Day: January 6, 2007

Two More Lifers – Woo Hoo!

I went back to the Irondequoit Bay Outlet on January 4th and found two more lifers (I still haven’t straightened out the lifers from the other day, but I will when I get a chance). I’ll say up front that these photos stink because I was in a Private Property, No Trespassing, No Parking zone, so I stayed in my vehicle so I could make a fast getaway if I had to. The birds were pretty far out, they were on the move, the water was moving pretty good, and I was almost pointing the camera directly into the sun. Enough excuses? Okay, here goes! I saw at least two male and two female Buffleheads Bucephala albeola:

2007-01-04 061 2007-01-04 055

And I saw some Mute Swans Cygnus olor:
2007-01-04 052

Thank you Mon@rch for providing ids without my having to ask! I’m really looking forward to going to Montezuma Wildlife Refuge in the spring – I’ve been told that there are 25 different species of ducks there, among many other birds. Even though Mon@rch says the Batavia Water Treatment Plant is better because the birds are closer. Uh huh, you read right, water treatment plant. As in everything that goes *down* the toilet.

Soooo, the test went well. I saw some of my friends, but didn’t have time to talk much. The test lasted for 4 hours, I was there for 1.5 hours after going through my test twice, and figured I wasn’t missing anything so I left. And that’s that. I’m not allowed to talk about it. Bummer. I wanted to talk about it.