No. 3 Full Strength Salamanca Herb Salve

I received a comment from Susan A. to my post about testing out an old jar of No. 3 Full Strength Salamanca Herb Salve on my poison ivy rash / blisters this past summer. Susan A. requested I send her the list of ingredients just as they are on the label. So here goes – exactly as listed on the label
Active Ingredients: Beth Root, Indigo, Wormwood, steeped in a pure petrolatum base.

The rest of the label reads:

No. 3 Full Strength Salamanca Herb Salve
Reg. Trade Name – U.S. Patent Office – Wash., D.C.
All Purpose Salve
For External use Only

Manufactured by H. F. Freeman
545 Center St.
Salamanca, NY 14779

Apply heavy coat on hard cloth. Change daily.
“Temporary relief of minor skin irritations.”
Thin layer as you improve.

1 3/4 ounces or over $2.00

I’ve heard some of the stores around the Salamanca area carry the salve – I haven’t checked it out myself. But if anyone knows for sure whether they do, please let us know! This is great stuff.

Susan A. – if you make this, please share with me the latin names of the herbs you end up using and how you end up making it!

And if you haven’t already, please check out Laura’s January 6th Good Planets post! You’ll see some gorgeous photos there, and a photo I submitted. And for now, here’s a view of Lake Ontario I took yesterday looking northeast. More on the new birds I found later!

2007-01-08 020