Lookit! It’s S-N-O-W-I-N-G!!!

Okay, I may not be excited about this when it piles high, but for now I’m glad to see the snow! The plow man plowed my driveway this morning without it being three inches (he’s probably feeling bad we all (neighbors and me) paid him good money to plow and he hasn’t had to do anything yet)! Yay Snow!! Cover and protect those plants!

Update: The snow you see here is pathetic compared to the snow east, west and south of me! I’m glad I decided not to drive to Syracuse today – they got blasted with tons of snow.
2007-01-10 005 2007-01-10 002

(Yes, my deck needs restaining which is what I was about to do when I got the poison ivy rash this past summer – so I’ll get to it this summer)!

On another note, I ended up buying the Sunbeam Candle for Peace the other day, got it home, put it on my stove and went to get the matches. No matches. Where are the matches – good thing the electricity hasn’t gone out recently, I’d really be in the dark. But I’m here to tell you, right now this candle doesn’t need matches (which I will buy on my next trip to the store). My whole kitchen smells like Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and Pine Needles – especially the Patchouli. It smells really good. And I even made a pot of soup and a pot of stoup, which both had a base of cooked garlic, and my kitchen stills smells like Patchouli. Now that’s one powerful candle.

And stoup – that’s Rachel Ray’s word for a cross between soup and stew, not as thin as soup but not as thick as stew. Ymmmm, stoup is good food!