Day: January 11, 2007

Enough Snow, The Elusive Hawk, Echinacea Seeds & Bird Story

Okay, I’ve decided I’ve had enough snow. I had to shovel a path down my driveway because my plow man wasn’t coming this afternoon – hey there was only 2 15/16″ of snow and the contract says 3″! Where I shoveled the sun dried the driveway. I was sooo tempted to shovel the rest of the driveway, and then around 3:30 he showed up. Now it’s a sheet of ice where he plowed. Argh.

And then I opened the box with the roof rake and it was all in pieces, so I had to assemble that. Easier said than done. The first piece was not lining up right. Urrrrrr – it makes me so mad when you can’t screw something together because someone can’t manufacture something correctly. As I was doing this my friend called and he said I had it backwards. Noooooo, it wasn’t backwards, I know how to read directions! So I got out my trusty metal file and the little metal pieces were flying all over the place (when I get irritated I get really strong). I finally *made* it fit and the rest of it went together fine. Of course my friend figured he was going to get zip attention from me so he hung up (he knows I get very focused on a task at hand and no one can interrupt my train of thought).

So the roof rake works good! The sun was out yesterday afternoon, and the snow was already beginning to form into ice, and I saved my roof (and me) from that strife – yay! I now love my roof rake.

Oh, and Susan and Mary! While I was raking the roof I saw a hawk flying around way above!!! I dropped the rake to go get the camera, but the hawk was gone by the time I got outside again. I *will* capture that elusive hawk in a photo someday *soon*!

Now the Echinacea / bird story. Mon@rch had a posting entitled “Can Birds Learn” the other day, and it reminded me of a bird story. I leave the seed heads of my Echinacea and hyssop plants for the birds, and they swing around on them picking the seeds out of the seed heads all fall, winter and spring. This past June the new plants were growing quite big, but a pair of Goldfinches were still munching away at the seeds. I figured it was time to cut the old plants down. I got the worst scolding of my life from the Goldfinch pair as they watched from my silver maple tree. I have never heard such nasty language from birds directed at me. I felt bad and left the seed heads on the ground for them in my garden. I know, I know I should have stopped cutting the dead heads. But what’s a gardener / birder to do? Here’s a photo I captured yesterday of one of the Echinacea seed heads:

2007-01-10 008

I wonder when I’ll be allowed to cut these down without getting a major bird scolding.