“Beatrix Potter: A Life in Nature” by Linda Lear

I love it when an Amazon.com box is sitting outside of my door! (No Mon@rch, it wasn’t my Sibleys – yet). I pre-ordered a copy of Linda Lear’s latest biography of Beatrix Potter: A Life in Nature.


Susan Wittig Albert told me this is an excellent book, which I know it will be because I read Linda Lear’s Rachel Carson: Witness For Nature book last March. If Rachel Carson had written her autobiography, it couldn’t have been more detailed than Linda Lear’s biography of her.

I have been waiting for this book to come out in print forever. Now to clear my calendar so I can sit around reading until I’m done with this tome! Yeah, right!

Oh and Susan Gets Native, you probably already know this – Beatrix Potter *loved* fungus, too!

Two for. . . Meme

I’m always up for a good meme – seen first on Laura’s Somewhere in NJ blog. Please take a trip over to Laura’s blog to see the latest Good Planets photos! For now, here’s another photo for you from The Thousand Acre Swamp:
2007-01-04 006

two names you go by: Pam and Pamela – this reminds me of a quote from my Social Anthropology* professor at SU: “you can call me anything, just don’t call me late to dinner!”  *It was in this class that I first learned about Yak Herders. . .
two parts of your heritage: French and German
two things that scare you: water being controlled by manmade structures and fire
two everyday essentials: MoistStic lip balm and water, food & exercise (okay, that’s four things, but they are *all* essential)!
two things you are wearing right now: underwear and socks (I just had to be different in my answer)
two of your favorite current bands/artists: U2 (their older stuff) and B.B. King
two things you want in a relationship (other than love): honesty and fun
two favorite hobbies: I have tons of favorite hobbies! It depends on my mood which ones I do.
two things you have to do this week: help a friend with an outpatient procedure (yuck – I hate hospitals), ummm, continue doing my normal activities.
two stores you shop at: Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble
two favorite sports: hiking, skiing
two shows you like to watch: Crossing Jordan (yay the season starts on Sunday night – I thought it was off the air), Alias (it is off the air, but I watch the DVDs)
two things you’d buy if money were no object: tons of land in upstate NY to live on, tons of land in AZ (not to live on, but to hike on).
two wishes for 2007: health and vitality (mental and physical) for me and everyone around me, and happiness

How’s This For A Pick-Up Line? And Another New Lifer!

So my Mom goes to the gym faithfully and is loving it. Since she is thin to begin with I can see her muscles becoming defined. It’s been seven weeks since she started and I told her it was past time to switch her routine since the body gets used to the machines after six weeks. You have to shock it by switching to other machines that exercise the same areas in slightly different ways. She asked me to go to her gym yesterday to show her some new machines / exercises. No problem!

Until she told me some guy was hitting on her there. Check this out. An old coot asked her “how old is your husband?” Okay, good line I guess to find out *if* a woman indeed has a husband, right?

She responded with my Dad’s age.

Then the coot says to her “when he kicks it, I’ll be here!”

Huh? Was that line really supposed to impress my Mother? It made her feel *really* bad. And we won’t talk about how it made me feel – grrrrrrrrr.

I so wanted to tell the old geezer even when my Dad “kicks it” to coin his idiotic phrase, my Mom is *so* not interested in another relationship, especially with him, after being married to my Dad forever!

As a side note to men that go to the gym, there *may* be some women interested in a starting a relationship with you at the gym, but here’s two women that are there to exercise and that’s it! Get over it.

And from yesterday’s Irondequoit Bay post, Mon@rch told me that the brown birds in my gulls photo are juvenile Herring Gulls (Laura argentatus) – one may be a third year juvenile and the other a hatch year herring gull (the two to the right in the photo below). The one to the left is another juvenile Herring Gull.  Thanks Mon@rch! I wish I could have gotten better shots of these birds! Here’s a closer view of the same photo from yesterday:
2007-01-11 013-HG

Herring Gulls is another new lifer for me! Woo Hoo!