How’s This For A Pick-Up Line? And Another New Lifer!

So my Mom goes to the gym faithfully and is loving it. Since she is thin to begin with I can see her muscles becoming defined. It’s been seven weeks since she started and I told her it was past time to switch her routine since the body gets used to the machines after six weeks. You have to shock it by switching to other machines that exercise the same areas in slightly different ways. She asked me to go to her gym yesterday to show her some new machines / exercises. No problem!

Until she told me some guy was hitting on her there. Check this out. An old coot asked her “how old is your husband?” Okay, good line I guess to find out *if* a woman indeed has a husband, right?

She responded with my Dad’s age.

Then the coot says to her “when he kicks it, I’ll be here!”

Huh? Was that line really supposed to impress my Mother? It made her feel *really* bad. And we won’t talk about how it made me feel – grrrrrrrrr.

I so wanted to tell the old geezer even when my Dad “kicks it” to coin his idiotic phrase, my Mom is *so* not interested in another relationship, especially with him, after being married to my Dad forever!

As a side note to men that go to the gym, there *may* be some women interested in a starting a relationship with you at the gym, but here’s two women that are there to exercise and that’s it! Get over it.

And from yesterday’s Irondequoit Bay post, Mon@rch told me that the brown birds in my gulls photo are juvenile Herring Gulls (Laura argentatus) – one may be a third year juvenile and the other a hatch year herring gull (the two to the right in the photo below). The one to the left is another juvenile Herring Gull.  Thanks Mon@rch! I wish I could have gotten better shots of these birds! Here’s a closer view of the same photo from yesterday:
2007-01-11 013-HG

Herring Gulls is another new lifer for me! Woo Hoo!

7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mary
    Jan 13, 2007 @ 09:27:48

    The old coot thinks he’s a babe magnet, huh? LOL! I wonder if most guys go to the gym just to pick up chicks. What an idiot. I hope your Mom can laugh it off by now…

    Congrats on another lifer! Mon@rch has terrific photos, doesn’t he?

    Should I be making a list of all the birds I have ever ID’d? I need some educating on “lifers” and “lists”.


  2. Pam
    Jan 13, 2007 @ 09:47:20

    Mary – yeah, that old coot better leave my Mom alone, but he won’t. The thing is, if I give him the fire eyes it would probably turn him on more.
    I can tell the guys that go to the gym to be serious and the ones that are there to check out the babes. You know how I can tell the difference? Not only because they are rude about staring, but when I walk through they have to stop lifting – I guess because they get temporarily weak. It must be tough to be a man.

    Yes Mon@rch takes great photos – he’s got talent!

    I was going to ask you if you were keeping a list of your lifers! I use recommended by Susan of course! You can set up an account and it will give you a list of possible birds found in your area. I think it’s self-explanatory – but if you have any questions, just ask!


  3. Sandy
    Jan 13, 2007 @ 11:24:06

    That was a wonderful photo for Good Planets from you on Laura’s page today. Is is anywhere close to where you live?


  4. Mon@rch
    Jan 13, 2007 @ 11:34:08

    Blush – thanks everyone! Blush – congrats on the lifer!


  5. Pam
    Jan 13, 2007 @ 12:22:15

    Thanks Sandy! It is in the Adirondacks which is about 4 hours from me. It is taken from the parking lot at the ESF Ranger School.

    Thanks Mon@rch! Didn’t mean to make you blush!


  6. nathan
    Jan 15, 2007 @ 02:44:16

    it helps to have headphones on at all times.


  7. Pam
    Jan 15, 2007 @ 08:35:34

    Hi Nathan – I agree! That’s what I do – I’ll have to get my Mom into it. The coot would probably still try to talk to her!


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