More Scans of Photos and Slides

I still haven’t found out for Lynne the story behind the hat I was wearing when I was looking at the worm (a few posts back). I know I loved hats (and still do) and my Mom knew I loved hats, so she kept me supplied with them. I would also walk around in her stylish hat:


Hey, are you looking at me in the hat or that gorgeous T-Bird? Myself I’m looking at the T-Bird. Speaking of stylish, they don’t make vehicles like they used to! I know they’re better for the environment now, but the styles wreak! Bubbles, all I can think of are bubbles and the Jetsons.

I also liked to wear my Mom’s boots and shoes even though they were way too big on me. Here’s one of my grandparents’ slides I recently scanned in, of me in my Mom’s sandles trying hard to hold the mangie, stinky old dog from down the road that we all felt sorry for.  As a result he would hang around our place.

This dog’s name was Tippy and my grandparents used to feed him their table scraps. In the winter he used to have icicles hanging from him. Nowadays those people would have been turned in for animal cruelty! The sad thing is, this mangie dog, who lived to be an old dog, gave the mange to our dog so we had to put him down.
Okay, let’s see your pictures of you when you were a kid!