One of *Those* Days and . . .

Phew! It’s been one of *those* days here. If you have ever been through a major ice-storm listening to your favorite trees’ limbs breaking off, living with no electricity for over a week and ice everywhere inches thick, then you know how it feels when you see ice forming all over the trees and the weatherman says it isn’t letting up. I have been on pins and needles all day long just hoping my electricity stayed on (and I hope it still does because it’s not over with yet). Even though I don’t like ice accumulation on anything, it did make for a couple of cool photos. Here’s ice on the much blogged about Rose-Of-Sharon:

2007-01-15 004

And little icicles hanging all over from the top of my deck:

2007-01-15 001_1

One of the many times I looked outside, guess who I saw!! The grown up babies were back for a visit! These photos were taken through the sliding glass door so they wouldn’t bolt. Here’s a butt shot of the first one:

2007-01-15 017_1

And here’s the second one:

2007-01-15 020 2007-01-15 027

For anyone relatively new to my blog, I had two fawn lying all over my back yard this past summer. If you want to see photos that make you say “ahhhhh, they’re sooooo cute!” then you’ll want to click on the link to see the two fawns. It’s always nice to see “my” babies again!

I hope everyone has had a great day honoring the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

Ostrich Sighting, Snap Preview Anywhere TM Plugin

This is too funny – the latest cartoon from Yahoo! mail


I’ve seen Ostriches run, and this boy doesn’t have a chance! And if I have you Jonesing for real Ostrich photos, I previously posted some I took on my last trip to Arizona here and here.

And I *love* the new Snap Preview Anywhere TM Plugin that Sandy from Garden Path brought to my attention!  Since I have my WordPress blog on a website, I had to go through a few extra steps to install it – but I like it!  When I was reading through the directions, I saw that people on blogger or blogspot or whatever it is have it available to you, too!