A Cold, But Magical Day

The precipitation finally stopped this afternoon and the sun came out for a little while before it set tonight. I went outside to get rid of the snow where it doesn’t belong and then took some photos. This photo of ice sparkling on my silver maple really caught my attention. Unfortunately the photo doesn’t do it full justice:

2007-01-16 008_2

The ice and snow was pretty on my lilac shrub:

2007-01-16 006_1

This shrub needs a serious pruning – I’ve never pruned it – the previous owners planted it *way* too close to the house and I threaten to take it out every year and never do. It does either need to come out or get a major pruning this summer.

Here’s the Rose-of-Sharon again with snow on top of the ice weighing it down even more than yesterday:

2007-01-16 001_1

I also like the little icicles hanging from my clothes line in back of this shrub. And here’s some ice and snow on the plants I leave in my garden:

2007-01-16 004_1

And now I know why I bolted out of bed from a sound sleep at midnight last night. I heard someone walking their dog across my lawn. I hate that with a passion . That’s what the road is for!
2007-01-16 005_1

(Why I hate it is if *they* get hurt on my property it would be *my* fault). Time to put in some Rosa rugosas around my property this summer! Not only are they really prickery, but I *love* the smell of the roses. Here’s a young one just starting to blossom in May of 2005.
26May2005 062 Rugosa Rose-Rosa rugosa_1

Ohhhh, I can’t wait to see color like that again!!

Interesting Wildflower at Wesley Hill Nature Preserve

My friend and I had plans to hike through the Wesley Hill Nature Preserve in the Finger Lakes region on July 17, 2004 and pretty much got rained out. The rain let up for a minute, the mosquitoes were thick, and I did get to take a photo of this interesting looking wildflower. UPDATE: Please see Lynne’s comment for the description of this wildflower called Indian Pipe (Monotropa uniflora)! Thanks Lynne!

I also love the mosses and other cool stuff on the ground, too. Sorry it is a lousy photo! But as I was just going through my photos figuring out something to post today, I came across this. Due to the rain that day I have no other scenery photos for you. I have to go back there! So many things to do, so little time!!