Hospitals are Yucky

So yesterday was the day I helped my friend with the outpatient procedure which was only supposed to take two hours and it turned into five hours. Yawn, boring, I really *hate* hanging around in hospitals trying to avoid seeing stuff I *don’t* want to see. To all of those people who work in hospitals, you are definitely special. I wouldn’t be able to handle a job like that. Even when one my profs suggested I could go to med school for free, I turned it down without a second thought. I’m way too empathetic.

Oh how I wished I could have brought my camera with me yesterday. You guys, I parked on the second floor of the parking garage – no biggy I thought. Until I saw the view – I was on a hill high enough to see the south end of the city and the trees were just glorious – the ice from a couple of days ago was thicker than the ice on my trees, and then there was snow on top of the ice. It would have made the most beautiful photo – I am serious – there were snowy trees as far as I could see and it was gorgeous! The problem is I didn’t want to cart the camera around with me inside. Even though it totally would have beat down my boredom by being able to take photos of things – and funky looking people.

After I read my book for two hours I started people watching. Oh my – women, I just have to say, must give up those five inch high heels, what the heck are they trying to prove with those? The ones I saw couldn’t walk on those things. Oh and the woman that checked my friend in was a tanning booth queen with a deep voice and totally fake rust colored hair and well I won’t go into the rest, let’s just say everything about her looked very fake.

On the way in security guards were opening the doors for us and I was quickly flipping through my brain to see if I had remembered hearing that we would have to go through a search and metal detector or something like the airport or court house. Nope, it turns out they were making a film inside the hospital. That was annoying getting around all of those people. I hope I’m not in it. I kept my hat on while they were there – only I can see you – you can’t see me, hee hee (that’s what I was thinking about the camera people).

And they gave me this pager thing like you get at a burger joint to let me know when the procedure was done – but they set it on flashing lights only instead of lights and vibrate, so I had to keep checking the thing. I’d rather have it scare the stuffing out of me and have it vibrate than to have to watch it the whole time.

I’d much rather have been outside taking photos and watching ducks, like I did the other day at a pond down the road from my parents’ home:

2007-01-08 039

I ended up the day seeing a beautiful sunset tonight, but by the time I was able to get outside to capture it, it was gone. Note to self: making dinner is not as important as capturing a great photo, no matter how hungry I am.

P.S. Susan Gets Native – yup, my friend got to take home photos from the test – g-r-o-s-s!!