Irondequoit Bay, LaSalle’s Landing Park

I heard on the radio this morning that there were some ice fishermen on the bay – huh? As far as I know the bay hasn’t even iced over yet – except maybe the south end. So I had to check it out again this morning. I first stopped at the parking area with the big historical sign I showed you before. There was ice underfoot, and it was cracking with every step I took. I looked around and saw the standard birds.

2007-01-23 014

I did see these poles with red flags at the top. But I didn’t see any ice fishermen this morning. I wouldn’t walk out there!
2007-01-23 009

I pulled into another parking lot that was pretty close to the end of the bay and saw more birds.

2007-01-23 027

Then as I drove down the road a little ways I spotted LaSalle’s Landing Park – I didn’t even know it was here! You can see how much it was snowing by looking at the sign.
2007-01-23 034_1

It’s not a very big park, but I did walk out on that stone platform:

2007-01-23 035

It was hard to tell if it was flat walking or not, and as I was walking down there I scared away a Great Blue Heron: 2007-01-23 036

See it flying away? Here’s a closer photo:

2007-01-23 036_1

I saw this swan:

2007-01-23 038

Then I spotted this grebe or loon (thanks Mon@rch!) next to the swan, but when I tried to get a closer photo, it was gone!
2007-01-23 039

And there were more birds hanging out:

2007-01-23 042

And flying around:

2007-01-23 046

And honking loudly:

2007-01-23 047

And showing off beauty:

2007-01-23 050

My photos didn’t come out as good as I had hoped, but it was fun seeing all of the birds here again! I also discovered some other places I need to check out soon!


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sandy
    Jan 23, 2007 @ 17:50:19

    Good photos, Pam, but boy does it look cold! The lakes aren’t frozen here enough for ice fishing, either. Bet there are lots of grumpy old men waiting to get their little huts out on the lakes.
    I really need to learn my water birds. Not up on them at all.


  2. Pam
    Jan 23, 2007 @ 18:17:03

    Thank you Sandy. It is very cold! I got my work-out pants soaking wet at the bottom walking in the unplowed snow and had to go to the gym with them that way. I warmed up quick though.
    LOL! regarding the grumpy old men – you can bet the second they think the bay is frozen enough they’ll be out there. I never can believe my eyes when I see little huts in the middle of the bay with unfrozen water all around them.
    I’m very slowly learning birds in general! I figured this is a good place to start since there are always birds around the bay and lake.


  3. Lynne at Hasty Brook
    Jan 23, 2007 @ 19:39:02

    I think your swan photos are terrific! The first one win the beautifully arched neck and the last one with the wings opening- beautiful. I can see the snow falling, it sure does look cold. I am so lame at identifying water birds, escpecially shore birds and gulls.


  4. Laura
    Jan 23, 2007 @ 20:13:48

    Looks really, really cold!


  5. Mon@rch
    Jan 23, 2007 @ 20:17:54

    Pam, wasn’t 100% sure that it was a grebe species, also could have been bad lighting on a canvas back but bill wasn’t large enough for a loon! But it did sit low in the water to maybe be a grebe! I would be interest to see what anyone else it was!


  6. Pam
    Jan 23, 2007 @ 20:19:20

    Thank you Lynne! I love watching and photographing swans, they seem to perform! But you’re good at id’ing other birds for sure!

    Laura – it is really, really cold! I had to get out my really big fuzzy sweatshirt that I reserve for really cold days/nights with sleeves that cover most of my hands for inside.


  7. Pam
    Jan 23, 2007 @ 20:22:49

    Mon@rch – I’m sorry I misunderstood! I changed the post to read grebe or loon! Thanks for your help! 😉


  8. Mary
    Jan 23, 2007 @ 21:54:13

    Pam, you were busy today! Oh, how I wish I could have seen as much as you did. A heron… What a grand day! I’m so fond of water but I need to drive a while to get to the big lakes. In DE, I lived within walking distance to a river off the DE Bay. It does look very cold there. I should not complain about weather. Keep snapping!


  9. Susan Gets Native
    Jan 23, 2007 @ 22:09:10


    Judging by size, I think it might be a grebe. Comparing the size to the swan behind it, I think a loon would be larger.
    But what do I know?

    You are lucky to live near so much water. Where there’s water, there’s birds!


  10. Pam
    Jan 23, 2007 @ 22:25:54

    Mary – I actually spent about 1/2 hr down there because it was so cold. The bewds just hang out waiting for me to find them! I felt bad I scared the heron – oh how I wished I could have captured a good photo for you guys! Maybe next time!
    I love water too which is why I live about a mile away from the lake and the bay. And because of the bay I usually miss the lake effect snow! Not all of the time though!
    Sounds like a nice placed you lived in while in DE! I’ll keep snapping if you keep snapping!

    Susan – you’re right brrrrr! Grebe – thanks!
    I have a hard time realizing this country is in a water crisis when I live close to so much water.


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