Day: January 24, 2007

Up Building Photos of McCarthy Building

After lunch today Sarah and I walked down Salina St. in Syracuse so I could capture photos of the old McCarthy store building for my friend Michelle. Michelle is working on an article about the Lincoln store that used to be in this building at one time because it’s where her parents met while working there. And there’s much more to the story than this, but Michelle will tell it best (as she always does, she is a born storyteller). She doesn’t know I was going to take photos for her today, so hopefully when I email her with a link to all of the photos I took, she’ll be surprised!
2007-01-24 005

Michelle sent me a list of questions and while I sat next to the historian at lunch I didn’t want to make the man work while he was eating lunch! And besides the lunch was a going away lunch for Sarah, the OHA research librarian, who is also my friend. Sarah’s position was eliminated due to budget issues at OHA. So today I am very sad. I drove through a really bad snowstorm so I could work with Sarah one last time and go to Sarah’s lunch.

This is the same building taken from Fayette Street:

2007-01-24 011

I’m going to miss Sarah very much next week when I go in to work at OHA.

There always seems to be so much change all of the time, people come, people go. Another person in my life that left recently to go to Denver to be with “the love of her life” was my hair dresser Colleen. Argh! Do you know what it’s like to find a new hairdresser who can do your hair so all you have to do is wash, towel dry, brush it straight, and flip it around and it looks great? Im-freakin’-possible. I hired one to give me a bang trim and she didn’t give them the wispy, sexy look that Colleen used to do (‘wispy’ and ‘sexy’ are Colleen’s descriptions, not mine) – she cut them straight across like a child’s bangs. I wasn’t going to let her touch the rest of my hair. As my hair gets longer and longer, I’m figuring out who I will try out next. Again with a bang trim. Hey, I figure if they can’t get my bangs right, they sure aren’t going to be able to handle the rest of my hair.

Looks like I need to retake this photo to get the entire building in the photo!

2007-01-24 007

And hopefully tomorrow I’ll be checking out some more water birds!