Kahlua Chocolate-Covered Strawberries – Oh My!

Mmmmmm, I love Kahlua and I have ever since I first tried it. My current very fattening favorite is the Mudslide. My friend and I went to a restaurant in Geneva where the bartender was out sick, so some guy was filling in. We asked for Mudslides and he wasn’t sure how to make them, so we told him what to throw in them. I swear, that was *the* best, most intoxicating Mudslide I’ve ever had.

So what brought this up? I’m not a lush, I haven’t had a mudslide in quite a while. But just as I was about to log off for the night I saw an email from Kahlua for, oh my, among other things, Kahlua Chocolate-Covered Strawberries.


Oh my. Chocolate covered strawberries are *awesome* in and of themselves (and I could say more but I have to behave myself even though it is *my* blog), but Kahlua Chocolate-Covered Strawberries, somebody please save me now. Forget the flowers – I can grow those,
Kahlua Chocolate-Covered Strawberries are on the top of my wish list now! Don’t they sound sinfully delicious?

P.S.  The images are from Kahlua’s email, and the strawberries in the photo don’t have enough chocolate on them to suit me!

Baby It’s Cold Outside! Cummings Nature Center

I just got done roof-raking and shoveling snow *away* from my house (the snow plow man plows snow up against my house – for some reason that really bothers me), and I froze my hiney off! I’m sitting here unthawing as I write so I can climb into the shower again and warm up. We got 10 inches of light fluffy snow, except when the snow plow pushes it together it becomes very heavy. The wind chill factor is 0 and it’s supposed to get to -28 tonight. I think I’ll put another quilt on my bed tonight! So no, I’m not going to go looking for any birds today.

Instead, I’m pulling out my Cummings Nature Center photos I took on July 3, 2004. We walked The Conservation Trail, which is a trail that explains about the different conservation and management practices in the forest. Even though these red pines look too perfect planted like this, I still like the effect that it gives when looking down this path:

Then I turned around and looked the other way:

And then I looked up:
I think I was using my old camera to take these photos, and didn’t realize I could fit the whole sign in one photo:

I upgraded to WordPress 2.1 and my writing interface is a bit different than I’m used to with the older WordPress (older being let’s see, 10 days older) so it’s a little bit of an adjustment, but I guess I’ll live! I hope you’re staying warm wherever you are today!