Day: January 27, 2007

Everything Is Quiet on the Bay!

Since we’re having a heat wave here today (hey 27 degrees F is much warmer than 0 degrees F), I stopped at LaSalle’s Landing Park again to see if I could find any new birds. The first thing I spied was. . . a tent in the bay. Alrighty then. I still see unfrozen water pretty close to this tent, so the ice has to be pretty thin. I don’t get the thrill of it.

2007-01-27 003

No Great Blue Heron hanging out here today:
2007-01-27 025

There were a bunch of gulls hanging out beyond this but I didn’t capture any good photos of them. Besides I’ve shown them enough for now. I love the way the water is freezing in swirl patterns:
2007-01-27 016

As I turned around to leave I captured this small barn. I have no clue if it is still being used for anything. 2007-01-27 028

While I was waiting at a red light I captured the side of a the Sticky Lips Pit BBQ restaurant:
2007-01-27 032

Why? Because I love old signs:
2007-01-27 032-1

Full Serve! Do you remember getting full service at a gas station? Actually there is a place across town that has the most reasonable gas and is still full serve. Too bad it’s too far away to make it worth driving there:

2007-01-27 032-2