Everything Is Quiet on the Bay!

Since we’re having a heat wave here today (hey 27 degrees F is much warmer than 0 degrees F), I stopped at LaSalle’s Landing Park again to see if I could find any new birds. The first thing I spied was. . . a tent in the bay. Alrighty then. I still see unfrozen water pretty close to this tent, so the ice has to be pretty thin. I don’t get the thrill of it.

2007-01-27 003

No Great Blue Heron hanging out here today:
2007-01-27 025

There were a bunch of gulls hanging out beyond this but I didn’t capture any good photos of them. Besides I’ve shown them enough for now. I love the way the water is freezing in swirl patterns:
2007-01-27 016

As I turned around to leave I captured this small barn. I have no clue if it is still being used for anything. 2007-01-27 028

While I was waiting at a red light I captured the side of a the Sticky Lips Pit BBQ restaurant:
2007-01-27 032

Why? Because I love old signs:
2007-01-27 032-1

Full Serve! Do you remember getting full service at a gas station? Actually there is a place across town that has the most reasonable gas and is still full serve. Too bad it’s too far away to make it worth driving there:

2007-01-27 032-2


12 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jason
    Jan 27, 2007 @ 15:17:50

    That photo of the ice swirls is dazzling! I love those kinds of formations. The wisps of snow scattered over it just add to the appeal.

    You know, the last full service gas station in Dallas used to be right around the corner from me. It was an historical spot as it had been there since before I was born. Unfortunately, it was bulldozed so they could build a bank. Yawn.

    And I have to tell you, that one advertisement with Sharon Stone is absolutely hysterical! The play on Basic Instinct and her delightful reaction is terribly entertaining. They’re all funny, but that one’s the best.


  2. Pam
    Jan 27, 2007 @ 15:25:09

    Jason – thanks, I loved being down there today even though there wasn’t much bird activity. It was nice and quiet and icy and snowy and cold.
    I totally missed the Sharon Stone ad – I was focusing on that one ad for some reason. . . and didn’t look further! When I get a chance I’ll have to look for it.


  3. Lynne at Hasty Brook
    Jan 27, 2007 @ 17:49:18

    Makes me want to go out right NOW and buy me some William Lawson’s!!


  4. Lynne at Hasty Brook
    Jan 27, 2007 @ 17:50:21

    Are you making up the “Sticky Lips BBQ Pit”?


  5. Mon@rch
    Jan 27, 2007 @ 18:19:25

    Put me to sleep?? Never! I love the ice patterns that you captured!


  6. Pam
    Jan 27, 2007 @ 22:36:25

    Lynne – in hopes that there may be some kilt wearing Scotsmen at the liquor store, right? It makes me want to break down in the middle of Scotland hoping some, well, you know. Finally – an ad that women can appreciate for a change!
    Nope, not making up the Sticky Lips Pit BBQ. In fact while I was typing it I saw a commercial on the TV for it. But I wasn’t going to comment on it. I figured I was doing enough with the link to the William Lawson’s ad.

    Mon@rch – I’m glad I didn’t put you to sleep! I thought I might since I didn’t capture any good bird shots for you to see!


  7. Mary
    Jan 27, 2007 @ 23:08:53

    Whaaaaat? Put me to sleep? Never. I love your posts. And let me tell you, I really did forget about Taylor for a minute. Love the kilts 🙂 Ooo ooo.

    Esso? Yes! I remember full serve and Esso. Pam, I haven’t seen not thought of Esso in a few decades. Thanks for the memory.

    Your photos are simply amazing.


  8. Susan Gets Native
    Jan 28, 2007 @ 00:48:19

    There weren’t any birds in this post?
    I didn’t notice……


  9. Pam
    Jan 28, 2007 @ 09:55:50

    Mary – That’s good that I don’t put you to sleep! Hee hee, so I did make you forget about Taylor for a quick minute. I love the kilts too – veery much. Oh my, especially when he reaches down to take if off, alrighty then!
    I don’t remember if Esso was ever in upstate NY (I’ll have to ask my Dad), but I remember seeing it when we would travel out of state.

    Susan – LOL! Good one!


  10. dmmgmfm(Laurie)
    Jan 28, 2007 @ 13:57:03

    Those are great photos, even if there are no birds in them. It looks cold though.

    I love old signs too, those are great pictures.


  11. Pam
    Jan 28, 2007 @ 18:36:36

    Thank you Laurie! It is cold and snowy here. The Esso sign has been catching my eye for a while, and finally I had the camera and a red light. I’m starting to really like photographing signs. I wish I had done it a long time ago!


  12. Pam
    Jan 28, 2007 @ 22:13:26

    Jason – I finally found the rest of the William Lawson ads – the Sharon Stone one is a riot!


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