Day: January 29, 2007

“As You Like It Inn,” More Camera Practice

I received an email from someone looking for information on my Great Great Aunt Abbie who ran an inn in called “As You Like It Inn” in Waterville, VT.
Gr-Gr-Aunt Abbie is my great grandfather’s sister on my dad’s mother’s side. I have photo postcards of the inn, but I don’t know anything about Abbie. So I asked my Dad, who remembered a couple of things. Next thing I knew he pulled out a big photo album full of . . . more very old family photos! Awesome! I thought I was done with all of the old family photos. So last night I scanned in two pages of these photos, and I’ll continue tonight. I’m uncovering some awesome photos of old family members I’ve never seen before! Here’s a covered bridge I found, too, probably taken in Vermont.

I had every good intention of going to the lake to take photos today of the birds, but after running errands and washing my truck at the cheapie car wash using the sprayer I was completely frozen stiff and didn’t warm up for quite a while. It’s going in for a NYS Inspection and other stuff tomorrow, and I didn’t want the guys working on it to get all salty. Oh shoot, I just remembered I *left* my camera in the truck – all day – argh! I’ve never done that before.

Oh looky what I found when I went to get my frozen stiff camera! I am practicing with the AV mode, ISO 400, Fstop set at 6.3 instead of 4.0. The same moon that Mary saw last night! Hmmm, it’s kind of grainy, I have more work to do on learning this, and what’s with the spot in the corner? Just because I left it outside all day doesn’t mean it has to get attitudinal on me now! By the way, it was completely dark out when I took these photos.
2007-01-29 014
2007-01-29 006
2007-01-29 012

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