Vehicle & Jobs, What ‘They’ Say I Want for Valentine’s Day

Okay, it’s decided. I have to go back to an 8 to 5 job in an office somewhere (yucko) so I can make more money. I hate the whole interview process. Just hire me. I’m one darned good worker with strong work ethics and I’m multi-talented. I’m one of those rare people you don’t find around much anymore. My problem is I don’t toot my own horn at the interview (it just sounds so fake) so those people who are all talk and no action tend to get the jobs I would like.

What started this? I took my Explorer in today to get an inspection and new tires/alignment. It ended up needing upper ball bearings and shims. Well, that’s okay since it’s been a good vehicle and I did beat it up badly this past year with all of the construction I went through. So I’m thinking about a new vehicle within the next couple of years (before something major goes).

And Mom would like to go to England and on an African safari (and so would I), and so I’ve got to make more money to support my habits. That’s all there is to it! And before you beat me up for having an SUV – I have a standard shift, two wheel drive vehicle and it’s a sport model so it doesn’t suck up as much gas as other SUV’s. It actually gets very good gas mileage. And besides, the idea of driving a teeny tiny car on the road with all of the huge SUV’s (bigger than mine) and mini-vans (ick) scares me to death.

Last night an article came to the front of Yahoo’s news entitled “How to Pick the Right Gift for Valentine’s Day.” Of course I had to go look to see what it is they think I would like for valentine’s day, and no surprise, they’re pretty much wrong as far as I’m concerned. Where do they come up with this stuff?

First – flowers. Nope. I grow my own flowers. And IMHO flowers are outrageously priced for Valentine’s Day. I’m too practical.

Second – ‘A coupon for a backrub from you or drawing her the ultimate sensual bath, with no expectations!‘ Nope, I can draw my own bath (the water has to be just the right temp), and I don’t need a coupon to obtain a backrub.

Third – ‘A home-cooked meal by you…where you really do it all from start to finish.‘ Okay, not bad, just as long as it’s vegeterian and no hot peppers. I almost croaked once eating a raw hot pepper at a dinner made by a him for me. And vegeterian doesn’t mean a plate full of veggies with dip. I’m not a rabbit, argh.

Fourth – ‘A handwritten love note or a poem on fresh tree bark.‘ Nope. Please leave the tree bark on the tree. I wouldn’t be able to see the love note or poem for being torqued over the removal of precious bark from the tree.

Obviously whoever put this together didn’t get the memo that Kahlua chocolate-covered strawberries are where it’s at this year. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very romantic, but I’m also practical.

How about you, what do you like to receive or give for valentine’s day?