Day: January 31, 2007

View From a Man’s Chair

Today I worked at OHA in Syracuse, and now that Sarah is gone, Mike was sitting at her desk for the first four hours, and I was sitting at Mike’s desk – sounds like musical chairs, huh? So I got his computer busy printing and saving files to the flash drives and meanwhile I started looking around and got the camera out. This is what I saw:
2007-01-31 001
This was given to the museum, I don’t know the history of this poor bird, I don’t want to know, because it really bothers me. Why did or do people have to stuff birds? And then why is this bird hanging upside down? I don’t know. The whole thing makes me feel bad.

To the right I was being watched over by:
2007-01-31 002
Was this guy killed for the sport of it, too? I’ll never know.

Mike plays Irish music, and this poster is really cool:
2007-01-31 003-1

And then I looked out the window (and plastic covering it) again, and saw the top of the McCarthy building I photographed last week:
2007-01-31 006

By the time I got home, the moon was in the trees – such a beautiful view – too bad the photos are still grainy using the AV Mode, ISO 400, FStop 6.3, hmmm:
2007-01-31 020