Happy Birthday My Friend!

Today is not only Groundhog’s Day and a full moon as Mon@rch pointed out, but it also my friend’s birthday! (Even though he hates his birthday). Happy birthday to you! I hope you enjoy your special day!

Hopefully I’m not going to be in trouble for posting his photos. I just asked and he said these photos were just for me, but then he said these two photos were okay to post. Hey, I could have posted the one where he’s wearing his polka-dotted shorts – that’s my most favorite photo, but I know I would be in huge trouble for showing that one. Here he is on his first birthday:

(Ask NatureWoman if you want to see the photo that was here).

I think he’s dying to get his hands on that cake! Here’s another one of my favorite photos taken in Canada:
(Ask NatureWoman if you want to see the photo that was here).

After catching this cute little fish, he chased his older sister with it. Must be she doesn’t do little, slimy fish.
I’ve referred to him as Animal Lover in past posts. He is also one of my hiking friends. One of our trips took us down to Ithaca. Here’s a photo of the nice sunny day we experienced at Cascadilla Falls:

And as anyone who hikes with me knows, if you walk in front of me, you’re fair game for me to snap your photo!
(Ask NatureWoman if you want to see the photo that was here).

Enjoy your birthday Animal Lover! And I hope everyone has a happy Groundhog’s Day!


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mon@rch
    Feb 02, 2007 @ 11:22:53

    Happy Birthday to your Best Friend and Happy Groundhogs Day to both of you!


  2. Pam
    Feb 02, 2007 @ 11:30:45

    Thanks Mon@rch – I’ll tell him you said Happy Birthday and Happy Groundhog’s day when I call him! Happy Groundhog’s Day to you, too!
    P.S. I’m still waiting for photos of when you were little!


  3. Lynne at Hasty Brook
    Feb 02, 2007 @ 13:07:08

    Happy B-day to your friend. He sounds like a great guy. The picture with the fish is too cute and I can definitely see a glint in his eye that says he’d chase girls with that fishy!


  4. Pam
    Feb 02, 2007 @ 13:12:34

    Thanks Lynne! He is a great guy and a great friend. He still teases his brothers and sister unmercifully!!!


  5. Mary
    Feb 02, 2007 @ 14:40:49

    Isn’t it nice to post a wonderful happy birthday message to a dear friend? The photos of him are so cute! Like the waterfalls, too 🙂


  6. Pam
    Feb 02, 2007 @ 14:50:48

    Thanks Mary! I was kind of scared to do it at first because I don’t like posting photos of other people, but once I got his permission to post his little kid photos, I felt better. One of my rules of thumb (learned the hard way) is to let people know how much they mean to me *while* they’re alive, since, as we all know, life is way too short! I love that waterfalls, too! There are some other beautiful waterfalls in the Ithaca area I need to visit soon! 🙂


  7. Mary
    Feb 02, 2007 @ 19:40:09

    “One of my rules of thumb (learned the hard way) is to let people know how much they mean to me *while* they’re alive, since, as we all know, life is way too short!”

    Amen, Pam. In our busy lifestyles we often forget to affirm those who are special to us. Hence, you are a great person and blogger friend.


  8. Pam
    Feb 02, 2007 @ 19:54:13

    Thank you Mary! You’re a great person, too, and a blogger friend that I value, too. I’m looking forward to meeting you at Cape May! I had *no* clue when I started blogging how it would affect my life.
    Believe it or not, when I say ‘best friend’ I know that sounds sophmoric, but I have a few best friends, i.e. people that are very special to me.


  9. Susan Gets Native
    Feb 02, 2007 @ 22:56:29

    What good are friends if you can’t post pictures of them and embarrass them?
    Good that he gave you permission though. Happy birthday, Animal Lover!
    Sounds like a guy we would all like!
    I thank my lucky stars for the night I decided to start a blog, and dear Laura for being my first outside commenter. Now look where we all are? Going to hook up in Cape May and forever change the cultural geography of the place with our looniness!
    I count you as a good friend, too, Pam. God love ya.


  10. Pam
    Feb 03, 2007 @ 09:01:26

    Susan – you’re right about good friends! His brother usually puts his little kid photo in the newspaper on his birthday – don’t know if he did yesterday though! Oh yeah, Animal Lover is a guy everyone likes. I’ve been out to dinner with him and any waitress we have just has to feel his arm all up. It’s pretty funny. One girl was all over his arm so much I thought she was going to hop in his lap next. After I was done eating I just left it was so ridiculous. Some women these days are so needy. He’s not a flirt, he’s just his quiet self, but he’s a huggable hunky hunk hunk hunk!
    Oh yeah, this blogging thing is very cool!
    You’re high on my list of good friends too Susan!


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