You didn’t have to travel overseas to see a Castle, Tracks in the snow

In case you don’t know by now, I have a real fascination with old photographs. And I love digitizing them. One of my projects at OHA is to add photos to their online photo store. Up to this past week I have added photos scanned in by Sarah. Until this week. I was filling in some rare spare time at OHA on Wednesday with scanning some Yates Hotel photos (which I’ll talk about in another post) and Mike came back from lunch and suggested I scan in the Yates Castle photos. Awesome!!! Did you know that Syracuse had a castle at one time? I wouldn’t expect you to know this, unless you’re older and lived in Syracuse. But it did. A real live Norman castle. And since these photos don’t belong to me, I’ll have to point you to the OHA Photo Store to enjoy the photos I’ve been working with. However, the newspaper clippings are okay since they’re already online, so here’s one of the old doors that isn’t in the photo store (yet – I have to find the original photo):

Another newspaper clipping of the castle:

And another newspaper clipping of the castle and gardens:

And if you would like to read about the history of Yates Castle, I wrote a quick article here, which links to the history that appeared in the current Syracuse University Magazine.

On another note, when I opened the sliding glass door curtain this morning I saw lots of deer tracks in my backyard. I had to wait until this afternoon when the sun was pretty much off the tracks to take some photos. He was desperately searching in my dead garden for some food:
2007-02-04 003

Then over to my leaf pile where there was some major action:
2007-02-04 007

Then on to my mint bed to fix his bad leaf breath (notice the mint bed is all by itself because of its naughty spreading behavior) and on into the woods:
2007-02-04 008

Following the second set of tracks: Dude, what made you waste energy going around this tree?
2007-02-04 004

Must be this guy doesn’t know the shortest way to the woods is a straight line. Or he is drunk:
2007-02-04 005

Well I was going to have another exciting video for you tonight, but it is taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r to load, so I’ll blog it tomorrow!


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mon@rch
    Feb 04, 2007 @ 21:47:10

    Just love your old picture shots and that group is very lucky to have your help in scanning them! Also love your deer tracks and love the one that went around the tree! That is so funny! Can’t wait to see your video clip! Stay warm tonight, you guys are getting hit with snow hard!


  2. Mary
    Feb 04, 2007 @ 22:33:54

    Pam, two of my favorite friends were historical buffs and I always admired their enthusiasm and energy for archiving old, important information. You go! Great job.

    Those tracks are very amusing. I like observing tracks, too, but haven’t been able to do that since I lived in Maryland. We had a red fox that pounded through the snow several times, only a few feet from my back door.

    Enjoy what’s left of tracking because…spring…is….about to happen!


  3. Susan Gets Native
    Feb 04, 2007 @ 23:24:55

    Loveland has a castle, too! I have nothing to do tomorrow, so maybe I will go get some pics to share.

    A drunk deer. That’s what you have, Pam.
    Or maybe the mint made him high, like cats and catnip?


  4. Pam
    Feb 05, 2007 @ 08:06:41

    Mon@rch – thanks! They are lucky aren’t they? I’m up for hire in case anyone is looking! Yeah, we’re supposed to get tons of snow, the wind is blowing – that makes for a blizzard right? And it is even colder than yesterday – yowsa!

    Mary – Thanks – I love the subject matter because my family roots go back the formation of Onondaga Co. The grandson of the guy who originally built this castle married in my family so my imagination goes wild!
    I was amazed at the seeming desperation of my poor babies to seek out anything in a dried up garden, and a rotting leaf pile.
    Spring is about to happen – I so needed to hear that as I’m sitting here inside freezing my butt off!

    Susan – cool!! I would love to see photos of your castle! Unfortunately this castle was demolished in 1953 because the state bought it and preferred to knock it down to continue putting up hospitals. That kind of thinking drives me nuts! At first they put a hospital bldg right next to the castle. Then razed the castle. Argh!
    I do have catnip back there – makes the neighbors cats go nuts. Maybe the deer was loving the scent, too!


  5. jason
    Feb 05, 2007 @ 10:27:06

    That’s hysterical, Pam! I love the drunk deer tracks.


  6. Pam
    Feb 05, 2007 @ 11:31:15

    Thanks Jason! I love the deer tracks too. It’s fun to imagine what they were doing and how long they were hanging out in one spot. I don’t get what they would want with a pile of rotting leaves, though!


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