George Eastman House – Int’l Museum of Photography & Film

Yesterday I took my hide down to the George Eastman House International Museum of Photography & Film. I really wanted to see the forced spring bulbs in the conservatory, but ended up with several other surprises, too. I had quite forgotten how big and beautiful and interesting the place is. I have blogging fodder for at least a couple of posts! I’ll start with the conservatory, since that’s what I went there for. This is the view that first totally soothed my winter-sore eyeballs as I looked into the conservatory from the dining room:


Here’s a closer view of the flowers in front of the Aeolian pipe organ. The pipes from the organ are hidden behind the latticework on the second and third floors.


Not only a great view for the eyes, great smells of spring flowers for the nose. Then I walked into the conservatory and look to the left and saw and smelled paperwhites, hyacinths, tulips and amaryllis:


And looking to the right I saw more of the same. Here’s a close-up of a gorgeous amaryllis with the limestone wall in the background:


Here’s a close-up of the tulips in the left of the second photo:


I walked around to the other end of the conservatory, and these are the tulips and daffodils are along the right side I couldn’t show you in the first photo.


Here’s a close-up of the same tulips:


I went up to the second floor (more on this later) and looked down into the conservatory.  Mmmm, look at all of those plants!


Here’s a close-up of the hanging planter chandelier:


Here’s a view of the other end of the conservatory from half-way up the stairs. The extensive grillwork was designed by Samuel Yellin.


And the elephant’s head. Not the original head Mr. Eastman got while on safari in Africa in 1928, but a replica. And fortunately he didn’t go around killing elephants for their heads.


And I’ll leave you with more beautiful amaryllis and paperwhites:


And another tulip close-up:


Stay tuned! I’ll post more about my tour of the Eastman House later!

18 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. laurie
    Feb 25, 2007 @ 11:01:55

    Oh my gosh, what a beautiful place. Just what my winter-tired eyes needed to see. Thank you for brightening my day. Now if the smell could only be broadcast along with the photos.


  2. Pam
    Feb 25, 2007 @ 11:58:05

    Laurie – You’re welcome! It is beautiful there. I’ve got much more to come. I wish I could send the flower smell to everyone.
    P.S. I tried leaving comments on your blog – I have to figure out my google login info again.


  3. mon@rch
    Feb 25, 2007 @ 12:05:58

    I agree, so much colorful flowers and that Elephant head is funny looking! Also loved seeing the high celings in this place!


  4. Sandy
    Feb 25, 2007 @ 12:45:42

    The house is pretty, but the flowers are the best part. Also, hate the elephant on the wall!


  5. jason
    Feb 25, 2007 @ 13:59:24

    Beautiful photos, Pam! Wow! What a gorgeous place, although the elephant head does seem bizarrely out of its element. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a pachyderm tiptoeing through the tulips before–or anywhere near tulips for that matter!


  6. Tim R
    Feb 25, 2007 @ 14:16:01

    How can we improve copyright infringement for photos on the Internet


  7. Pam
    Feb 25, 2007 @ 14:31:36

    Mon@rch – thank you. I love the high ceilings in this place, too! I can imagine the organ music going all throughout the house when they play it.

    Sandy – I agree, I love the plants and flowers. I guess the elephant head grows on you. It’s definitely a man’s home, and it used to freak me out, but now I’m used to it, for the most part. I don’t like heads of any animals on any wall!

    Jason – thank you! I love this home – it’s really kept up nice, too, which as I’m sure everyone knows, requires a lot of money. LOL! I can’t say I’ve ever seen a pachyderm in the tulips either!

    Tim R – There are tools you can use to see if others are using your photographs without your permission. However, I take the approach of putting low resolution photos on my blog and only my friends can see the high res photos in Flickr.


  8. Mary
    Feb 25, 2007 @ 19:32:28

    Pam, you did what we all need to do around this time of year… Smell the flowers! That is a beautiful place and I’d love to see more. I agree with most – although the elephant head is intriguing, we can do without it.

    All of your photos are grand, but my personal favorite is the 7th one of the tulips. Gorgeous color.


  9. Pam
    Feb 25, 2007 @ 20:26:33

    Mary – and the flowers smelled really good! I’ll show you more of the house as the days go by. Glad you like the tulips – I love those tulips, too.
    (Some) men and their need to stuff animals’ heads – I’ll never get it.


  10. jim
    Feb 25, 2007 @ 20:46:33

    Great pictures , I also liked the elephant’s head , keep up the good work. I will have to go the GEH to look around and take some photos.


  11. Pam
    Feb 25, 2007 @ 20:48:40

    Jim – thanks! Are you going to go to GEH *all* by yourself? It would be more fun to go with somebody! 😉


  12. Laura
    Feb 25, 2007 @ 22:09:03

    Thank you for this dose of spring!

    Back to the snow for me!


  13. Susan Gets Native
    Feb 25, 2007 @ 22:56:07

    Pam, dear, George Eastman would be proud of your pictures.


  14. jayne
    Feb 26, 2007 @ 06:35:18

    Ahhhhh…. now that felt like spring scrolling along…. :c)


  15. Pam
    Feb 26, 2007 @ 08:10:31

    Laura – you’re welcome! I know you like the snow. I’m so done with the snow, even though I have more to shovel today.

    Susan – OMG – you rock – that is the ultimate compliment! Thank you!

    Jayne – I’m glad – it felt like spring being inside the house with the bright sunshine outside.


  16. jim
    Mar 02, 2007 @ 02:28:10

    yep ,yep, I like this man’s house. that pool table is nice and so are all your pictures . thanks . I like the oak walls ,
    thanks again for all those nice pictures of the MAN’S HOUSE.


  17. Pam
    Mar 02, 2007 @ 10:04:19

    Jim – Thanks – I like this man’s house, too. What’s your point with emphasizing man’s house? Do you feel the need to go build yourself a man’s house in the woods? Go for it!


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