Saturday Plans Gone Awry – Harumph! But I’m making up for it. . .

I’m taking a break in the George Eastman House tour to tell you I *did* have plans to go out and capture more photos today to show you during the upcoming week, but I’ve had this cough thing going on and my plans involve being right near the lake, and as anyone who lives near one of the Great Lakes knows, the air around the lake is very very damp and cold in March. (How’s that for a run-on sentence)? Witness every breath I take just to get my mail makes me cough up a storm. So my plans are on hold for now. Instead I am reading the new book “What Wildness Is This : Women Write About the Southwest,” edited by four women, one of them being one of my favorite authors, Susan Wittig Albert who has her Lifescapes blog here. My mind is on breathing in very dry air, feeling hot sunshine on my skin today, and thinking about how truly wild Arizona still is once you get out of the city. It is thrillingly, scaringly, spine-tingling wild, much wilder than anything I consider wild around here.


A pleasant surprise was to see a piece in this book written by Diane Ackerman, who is another one of my favorite authors / lecturers / people.

Oh, and I’m trying to find a new theme for my blog, as I am bored stiff with the mountains with snow one. The caribbean one didn’t work out as well as I had hoped, and this one is a snore. The one I really wanted doesn’t show my blogroll. When I feel more like it I’ll have to dig into the code and fix one up to my liking! Thanks for your patience as I redecorate around here!


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  1. Sandy
    Mar 03, 2007 @ 18:22:52

    I got that book, too. Good, isn’t it? I have been reading Albert for years.


  2. Pam
    Mar 03, 2007 @ 18:30:29

    Sandy – it’s really good. I’m discovering some new authors I would like to read. This is book is a teaser when I come across something I really like. Two of my favorites so far are “Coming of Age in the Grand Canyon” and “Seasons of a Hermit.” That’s as far as I am. I’m sure they’ll be many more favorites.


  3. mon@rch
    Mar 03, 2007 @ 19:18:25

    My plans changed today also! Was going to do birding all day! But, instead ended up spending time getting the truck fixed! Lucky, my buddy didn’t charge me anything! Since in the neighborhood, I went into the big town and visited Tops! Followed the river home, only saw a few species of ducks! Once I made it home was going to do a little walk, then started snowing cats and dogs! Ok, mice and rats! But, all plans were changed! Must be the full moon?


  4. Mary
    Mar 03, 2007 @ 22:09:08

    Pam, I hope you feel better soon. A persistent cough can exhaust you. Take care of yourself and enjoy your reading.

    My plans went awry also but I hope to make up for it tomorrow. It’s been a wild weekend so far. I could use a quiet time with a good book on my lap!


  5. Pam
    Mar 03, 2007 @ 22:17:40

    Mon@rch – bummer you didn’t get to go birding all day, but glad you didn’t have to pay for your truck fixing. Did you get any photos from what adventures you did have? Yeah, the full moon is causing this to be a strange day. . .

    Mary – Thanks, I hope I get over this soon so I can get back to photography. Hope everything is going good for you even though your plans went awry. And I hope you get some quiet time for yourself.


  6. dmmgmfm(Laurie)
    Mar 03, 2007 @ 22:17:49

    I hope you get over the crud. It has been going around here too. Hopefully next weekend you will be able to go on with your plans. A friend of my brother’s said that Thera-flu really helps with what is going around here.

    My brother, dad and I went out and cut a truck load of firewood for my uncle John. Well mostly Mike and I cut and hauled wood and dad sat in the car with the heater running.

    We had a blast!


  7. Pam
    Mar 03, 2007 @ 22:20:12

    Laurie – thank you – I hope I get it over soon, too! Sounds like you had a great day! At least your Dad knows to stay warm. Mine goes outside with not enough clothes on and I get after him. That and his cleaning the snow off his house roof – up on the roof, not with a roof rake – drives me insane.


  8. Laura
    Mar 03, 2007 @ 23:07:29

    That Caribbean theme was a surprise last night when I stopped by – thought I had mistaken you for someone else!

    This one is nice, but yea, it seems too quiet for you.

    Where do you get your themes from? When I look at WordPress, they seem to only have a few available and never anything like what you or others use.

    Hope you feel better and enjoy your book. Are you reading in anticipation of an upcoming trip?


  9. Susan Gets Native
    Mar 03, 2007 @ 23:08:52

    What you need is some nice, cold, DRY air. If it can help a baby with croup, it can help you. Go turn on your air conditioner and stick your face in it.

    I have a nasty cold/allergy/ whatever thing going on too. I was wondering if Theraflu would help. I may have to get some and try it next time.
    Get better, so you can blog about it! (Because, you know it’s all about the blog!)


  10. jayne
    Mar 04, 2007 @ 08:50:00

    Hope you are feeling better soon Pam. I am sending some virtual chicken soup your way. I sort of like this template actually. Very pretty and calming….


  11. Pam
    Mar 04, 2007 @ 09:11:42

    Laura – I know it was different wasn’t it? My friend did the same thing – he thought he had the wrong blog.
    I might keep this theme for a while. I did have a nice tulip one, though.
    As a wordpress user on your own server, you can us any wordpress theme, some of which can be seen here:
    I sure an reading in anticipation of my trip to Arizona – I can’t wait! I wish I scheduled it earlier than I did because I need it to happen now.

    Susan – believe it or not I’m allergic to air conditioning. I know I’m weird. I actually got pnemonia from having an air conditioner in my bedroom one year.
    I don’t know about OTC drugs cuz I use herbs to get the nasty bugs out. Oh yeah, I know it’s all about the blog!

    Jayne – thank you for the virtual chicken soup. I may keep this theme for a while because the spring one isn’t working for me right now.


  12. Sandy
    Mar 04, 2007 @ 09:57:31

    You can put one of your good flower shots in the header if you want. Go to presentation and follow the simple directions under custom header tab.


  13. Pam
    Mar 05, 2007 @ 15:42:45

    Thanks Sandy! I’ll try doing that later!


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