Another Young Photo, or Two

I have lots to blog about, lots on my mind, but not in the mood to type it out, because some of it would require research, and I want to get back to the book I mentioned yesterday. Which is very good by the way.

So here’s another photo of me as a kid. I just noticed the oil on the driveway from the car – ick! I was pulling our dog Lucky around in the wagon. I could do anything to that dog. I used to play underneath the dining room table with him and dress him up in my clothes and hats. And he just sat there and took it. He was my good pal.


How about you, did you have a favorite pal when you were a kid?

And Happy Birthday to my younger brother – here he is as a little cutie on his third birthday. He came around when I was 5 1/2 and he was my little baby (after he was cleaned up and fed, that is)!