Irondequoit Bay Marine Park – Birds Birds and more Birds!

Today it’s all about the birds!! The other day my last stop was at Irondequoit Bay Marine Park, which is on the west side of Irondequoit Bay. It’s just a couple of minutes from where I live when the bridge is crossable, when they move the bridge in the summer so the boats can get out of the bay to the lake, then it will take me about 20 minutes to get there because I have to go all the way around the bay.
2007-03-13 112_crop

I was walking down to the water’s edge when someone stopped me in their car and asked me if I was a birder. Hmmm, do I *look* like a birder? What does a birder look like? I don’t know. I told him I do it for fun, why? And he pointed out these two cute little American Coots to me!

2007-03-13 077_crop

Lifer! Doing the lifer happy dance! I’ve been wanting to see Coots since I first saw them on hmmm, somebody’s blog, I think it was Mon@rch. The sun was blasting in my eyeballs, so it was *very* hard for me to see the birds and to capture decent photos. Don’t you wonder how those birds carry those huge feet around? I’d fall on my face for sure. I mean look at them! Here’s a shot with one foot picked up, look at that thing dangle. It’s got to take a lot of energy just to walk! 2007-03-13 085_crop

I spied more coots among all of the birds. Here’s a bigger coot: 2007-03-13 094_crop

And the same coot showing us its butt/legs/feet:

2007-03-13 096_crop

Here’s another coot – a good shot of its feet:

2007-03-13 108_crop

Here’s a sampling of the large group of birds that were hanging out there: 2007-03-13 099

However, I did stay focused on the coots:

2007-03-13 091

Argh! See, I’m focused on the coots and totally missed the banded swan in the back! Actually, the sun was so bright, I didn’t know there was a banded swan until I downloaded the photos. I found I had a really bad photo of the entire bird in one of my group shots:

2007-03-13 099_crop

And in case you think I’m being too coot focused, here’s a photo of a Mallard pair with a pigeon in the background:

2007-03-13 107

Hope to post video tomorrow now that I’ve moved my blog!

15 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lynne at Hasty Brook
    Mar 15, 2007 @ 12:10:04

    Ack! My comment got eaten!! If the original shoes up-sorry for the duplication…

    Coots are great- but I think they look like they’re made up from left over peices and parts. Their funny feet remind me of clown feet (shoes too big).
    Love your coot butt! Maybe we should have a theme day and all post bird butts!


  2. Pam
    Mar 15, 2007 @ 16:17:16

    Lynne – I’m sorry your comment got eaten. That was the last straw for me putting up with my blog on my own server space. There’s been too many things going wrong lately, and one thing I don’t want to happen is for it to keep eating people’s comments! So sorry about that.

    Coots do look rather made up, don’t they! Clown feet is a good way of describing their feet.

    Yeah, let’s post all of our birdy butts!


  3. mon@rch
    Mar 15, 2007 @ 21:44:42

    I so love your coot, ducks, swan photos! But the coot shots are perfect! I love watching them interacting together! I hope the switch works out for you!


  4. Pam
    Mar 15, 2007 @ 21:49:37

    Thanks Mon@rch! I wish you had high speed so you could see my videos without spending hours downloading them!
    Hopefully nobody will have problems commenting now, and hopefully I’ll be able to do everything I want to. So far, so good! Thanks for all of your help!


  5. mary
    Mar 15, 2007 @ 21:52:41

    Are you too coot focused? LOL! You did a great job, Pam! I haven’t seen waterfowl is so long… You inspire me to get out there and look for them.

    Beautiful day. Thanks for making me smile while I wonder what you look like doing the happy lifer dance :o)


  6. Pam
    Mar 15, 2007 @ 21:55:15

    Mary – LOL! Only on coot birds, not those nasty old coots who think they’re all that! Thanks Mary! I’ll try posting my video tomorrow.
    Think of my happy dance like Snoopy does his happy dance!


  7. Laura
    Mar 15, 2007 @ 22:01:16

    Cute coots!

    Will you look at all those Mute Swans!


  8. Pam
    Mar 15, 2007 @ 22:04:38

    Thanks Laura! I know, I was so focused on the coots that I didn’t really pay attention to the swans like I should have (I was in bird overload I guess). I did get closer to them than the photos show, close enough that they could have bit my butt if they wanted to, just to capture the coot photos!


  9. jason
    Mar 16, 2007 @ 09:30:58

    Great photos, Pam! You got some beautiful shots. And I do love the coots. We have plenty of them here as well. They’re such strange contraptions, aren’t they? I suppose that’s what makes them so fun to observe.


  10. Pam
    Mar 16, 2007 @ 09:41:03

    Thanks Jason! I’m fascinated with the coots. I first became fascinated with them when Mon@rch posted them and then you and couldn’t wait to see them for myself! It’s amazing how they lug those feet around without tripping over them.


  11. Sandy
    Mar 16, 2007 @ 11:13:01

    They are cute, Pam. I didn’t really know what a coot looked like. Now, I know that I have seen them around here. It is time I got busy and learned my water birds!


  12. jason
    Mar 16, 2007 @ 11:32:12

    I know what you mean. We have a lot of them here and I love watching them. It’s utterly fascinating that they’re not constantly falling down when not in the water. Better yet, with feet like that they ought to be able to walk on water!


  13. Pam
    Mar 16, 2007 @ 12:29:04

    Sandy, I’m slowly learning the water birds. I figured since I have all this water it’s a good place for me to start.

    Jason – LOL! Walk on water – that’s good! Just add little motors to the back of those feet and they could water ski!


  14. Susan Gets Native
    Mar 16, 2007 @ 23:57:26

    Yay! Coots! And now that you have seen them, they will seem to be everywhere.
    Be sure to report that banded bird!

    You can fill out an online form…have the bird species, band color, band number, etc ready. They get back to you fairly quickly.
    I think before the Internet, it took like 6-8 weeks to get a response.


  15. Pam
    Mar 17, 2007 @ 09:31:14

    Susan – thanks for the info on how to report the banded bird – I have to do that! I can’t wait to see more coots and more ducks and more of everything!


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