I’m Baaaaack!!!

I just got back from a great trip to Arizona! Let’s see, I took 702 videos / photos so as you can imagine, I have been spending quite a bit of time fooling with them and haven’t even had a chance to formulate any blog posts yet! For now I’ll leave you with a bird we all see quite often and which I saw both in the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix and Boyce Thompson Arboretum in Superior – a female cardinal. This photo was taken in the Desert Botanical Garden.  It was soooooo nice to see leaves on trees, let me tell you!

AZ-2007-03-20thru29 217

I do have one complaint to make though. There are some *very* obnoxious people with cameras with those long lenses who, when they saw I was about to snap a bird in a tree or sitting somewhere, either came very noisily over and scared the bird away or said “WHATCHA GOT THERE?” and scared the bird away. This happened quite a few times in different places to the point where I was getting really pissed off. Okay, that’s off my chest. All in all, birders are very nice people and I’m not going to let a few rude ones turn me off to my casual birding enjoyment!

I did intend to leave you with a daily post while I was gone, but with the move of my blog the future posts turned into drafts so they never got posted. Sorry about that! They were good, too!! I’ll have to post them at a later date.

Oh, and by the way, I’m trying to get caught up on everyone’s blogs. I’m not purposely ignoring you!


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Laura
    Mar 30, 2007 @ 22:54:27

    Glad you’re back safe and happy!

    Got your postcard – thanks! Love those Gambel’s.


  2. NatureWoman
    Mar 30, 2007 @ 22:57:11

    Thanks Laura! Can’t say I’m glad to be back because the weather was perfect at the end, but I’m glad to have the travelling part over with.
    Glad you got the postcard okay! I saw Gambel’s twice this year. It’s fun to watch their top knot wiggle as they walk.
    I wish I had asked for everyone’s address before I left so I could have sent more postcards. There’s always next year!


  3. susangetsnative
    Mar 30, 2007 @ 23:26:14

    I missed you, Woman!
    So glad that you are back!
    Thanks for the postcard. That was total sweetness.


  4. lizalee
    Mar 31, 2007 @ 00:28:08

    Glad you had a great trip. I HATE it when people come talk to me when I’m birding. It’s kind of a quiet and (for me) solitary effort. Leave me alone, thank you! I’ll talk about it later . . . on my blog! 🙂


  5. Sandy
    Mar 31, 2007 @ 07:24:43

    Welcome back! I am looking forward to the videos and photos you took out west. Did you come home to snow?


  6. Pam
    Mar 31, 2007 @ 08:53:41

    Susan – I missed you too, Susan! You’re welcome for the postcard – thought I’d surprise you with it since I kept your address from your X-Mas card! Yay!

    Lizalee – I’m the same way! I’m in my own little world when I’m shooting photos and can’t stand any disturbances. One guy hung around like I was his buddy. NOT!

    Sandy – Thank you! As soon as I can get them on Flickr and Blip.tv I’ll start posting. I didn’t come home to snow – it was 50 degrees here and the crocus are in blossom.


  7. jason
    Mar 31, 2007 @ 13:05:07

    I’m glad you’re back safe and sound, Pam, and thrilled to hear you had a splendid time traveling. I can’t wait to see what you brought home to share–both the experiences and the photos/videos.


  8. Mary
    Mar 31, 2007 @ 20:58:35

    I missed you Pam! I am glad you are back and had a wonderful time. Like you, I get annoyed with friendly chatting people while I’m focusing. This idiot at the Raptor Center had this honkin’ long lens that would shut up. I’m looking forward to more about your trip! Don’t worry about catching up on blogs…I’m a little behind, too.


  9. mon@rch
    Apr 01, 2007 @ 19:53:41

    Also got the postcards! Love your cardinal photo and it is wonderful to see your back blogging! I can’t wait to see all your post from your adventure! Welcome back!


  10. jayne
    Apr 02, 2007 @ 08:38:08

    So glad you are back Pam and can’t wait to see all your beautiful images. Thanks for all your good wishes for my recovery. ;c)


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