So I was starting to read a book about Roadrunners that I picked up at the Desert Botanical Garden so I could be all smart about them to post here, and then you know what hit the fan. And I haven’t picked it up since, but I want to do this post anyway.

For anyone who thinks roadrunners run really fast like in the Looney Tunes Wyle E. Coyote and Roadrunner shows, it isn’t true. I’ve seen them with my own eyeballs in the wild three times. The first time the roadrunner was hanging out in the middle of a red dirt road in Sedona. I said “get out of the way bird!” And Mom said “it’s a roadrunner!” The second time we were headed to some place in Tucson on a quiet side road and one was just hanging out on the side.

And the third time we saw a roadrunner in the wild was this past time when we were at Tuzigoot National Monument in Camp Verde, AZ. I had just come out of the bathroom and lookit who was just hanging around on the wall:

AZ-2007-03-20thru29 618

See it? You wanna closer look? Okay, here you go:

AZ-2007-03-20thru29 619

Right after I took this photo it put its crest up! Now do you want to see it run? Okay, here’s a video!

See, it doesn’t run as fast as the cartoons. At least not from what I’ve seen!

P.S. The red Dodge charger in the first photo was our rental car. Brrumm brrumm, that thing could move.