Taking Photos, Finally!

I actually got the camera out again yesterday, and boy do I need to practice with this camera to relearn what I was working on before you know what. But I’ll post my attempts for you anyway. These photos were taken at my Mom’s home. Her woodland garden contains many beautiful flowers, including this red trillium, who has its head pointed in the downwards direction so I couldn’t get a good shot of the flower head on:

2007-05-06 040_cropped

And right near it a patch of some other kind of trillium. I’m too lazy to look it up – oh, I don’t have Newcomb’s wildflower book yet – I need to buy my own copy. Good excuse, nah, I have other wildflower books.

2007-05-06 036

I love crowned imperial, not only in the woodland garden, but this one in her sidewalk gardens:

2007-05-06 021_cropped

I’m sure you know, but if you lift the flower up and look inside, you’ll see two droplets of some clear substance. It amazes me that it stays in there without dripping down the flower. I know, I should look this up too – sorry, too lazy right now.

Mom’s cherry tree. I was trying to focus on the open flower, but the camera had other ideas:

2007-05-06 026

And finally, Mom’s forsythia bush. I love this bush because it is so cheery this time of year!

2007-05-06 034