This Week in Bloom

Well, now wouldn’t you know I forgot my camera when I went to my Mom’s house this week – but, never fear I did capture photos. But, they’re sitting on her computer. So I’ll get them next time I go there and post them for you. For now, here’s a couple of random flower photos for you. My chives are in blossom now, so they basically end up in anything I cook from now until they’re gone, mmmm. And they are extra zingy this year. Little did I know until I blew this photo up that chive flowers are so interesting:

2007-05-28 013_crop

And from my shade garden, Bleeding Heart (Dicentra ‘Luxuriant’). This was blowing in the breeze so it was hard to get a clear photo:

2007-05-28 009_crop

And some rock soapwort flowers, which look really boring in this photo, but they’re in a large clump that drapes along the edge of the garden.
2007-05-28 007_crop

On another topic, I did scan in my Dad’s Navy photos, and the following photo is an example of the type of stuff I wanted to ask him about. Okay, when a plane obviously doesn’t make the flight deck to land, or for some reason doesn’t take off and it lands upside-down in the water like this, were the people okay? Is the plane still usable? And how do they get the plane back onto the aircraft carrier? Bummer Dad, I have questions you needed to answer!