I just had to post this photo of a this daisy I saw at lunch today. It’s all of 1″ across, if that. Daisies make me feel happy, for some reason. ‘He loves me, he loves me not’ always ended up with ‘he loves me’ when I was a teenager (I made sure it ended up that way)! I mean, the guy *had* to love me, right?

2007-06-01 002

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  1. Lynne from Hasty Brook
    Jun 01, 2007 @ 20:32:26

    That is a perfectly beautiful daisy. OF COURSE he loves you- we do too!!

    have a good weekend Pam 🙂


  2. Cathy
    Jun 01, 2007 @ 22:03:19

    Picture perfect Daisy. Yes, they’re the happiest of flowers – to see one is to smile. I love their ‘bruised’ smell, too. (He couldn’t help but to reciprocate your love :0)


  3. Mary
    Jun 01, 2007 @ 23:04:16

    Of course he loved you, Pam. I get the same feeling from Daisies. I had a dog named Daisy as a child – bright and loving.

    We love you like a Daisy!


  4. Susan Gets Native
    Jun 02, 2007 @ 00:20:51

    Daisy, Daisy…
    Give me your answer, do.
    I’m half crazy
    All for the love of you.

    It won’t be a stylish marriage.
    I can’t afford a carriage.
    But you’ll look sweet,
    Upon the seat,
    Of a bicycle built for two.


  5. Laura
    Jun 02, 2007 @ 00:29:13

    I could get lost in that swirl pattern in the center!



  6. jayne
    Jun 02, 2007 @ 07:11:49

    If he didn’t love you, he was not worthy! :c) I love daisies too… they shine and last soooo long in a bouquet. Hugs to you today!


  7. Pam
    Jun 02, 2007 @ 07:50:58

    Lynne – thank you! Of course he did – LOL! I love everyone here, too! I hope you have a good weekend, too! 🙂

    Cathy – thank you! I agree, even though all of the business people were watching that were outside (what’s that woman doing in the weeds) I had to capture its happy self!

    Mary – I wish! Usually the guy I wanted was going out with some “fast” girl which isn’t me! Oh, I love your childhood dog’s name! I love you like a daisy, too Mary!

    Susan – I had forgotten about the “bicycle built for two” song! Thanks for the reminder!

    Laura – thanks! Ohhh, you just gave me an idea, now I have to go macro just the center if I can.

    Jayne – I agree, if he didn’t love me he wasn’t worthy at all! I love daisies in a bouquet, too! Hugs to you, too Jayne. I hope you have a great day.


  8. Sandy
    Jun 02, 2007 @ 09:37:20

    Pretty, we don’t have them yet.

    You aren’t the only only one who rigged the daisy pull!!!


  9. lizalee
    Jun 02, 2007 @ 10:24:55

    I love it. And, that spiral is an example of the Fibonacci Sequence. I don’t know how it works exactly (but know I could find out in a google moment) but that picture is fantastic. Wow!


  10. Pam
    Jun 02, 2007 @ 22:20:59

    Sandy – Glad I’m not the only one that rigged it! He just had to love me, in my mind anyway!

    Lizalee – thanks! Oh cool, I looked it up on Wikipedia – Fibonacci numbers and I scrolled down to Fibonacci numbers in nature. This is very cool! Thanks for the info!


  11. laurie
    Jun 02, 2007 @ 22:21:34

    What a beautiful photo! And of course the boys love you, what’s not to love?



  12. Pam
    Jun 02, 2007 @ 22:31:42

    Laurie – thanks! The boys love me alright, but most were/are afraid of my intensity!
    And thanks for the hugs, too.


  13. LostRoses
    Jun 03, 2007 @ 02:16:57

    What is it about a daisy that begs to have its petals pulled? The perfect symmetry of the arrangement of petals? Whatever it is, it comes naturally to us. I brought a pot of Cape Daisies to my son’s house and the two-year-old was pulling petals almost immediately. I wanted to join him!


  14. Pam
    Jun 03, 2007 @ 06:57:45

    LostRoses – I don’t know! I feel bad for pulling them off, but it is so much fun. I’m sure your grandson had fun!


  15. mon@rch
    Jun 03, 2007 @ 20:27:10

    aww, such a stunning daisy! WOW


  16. Pam
    Jun 04, 2007 @ 16:22:15

    Thanks Tom!


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