Last Week’s (and some of this week’s) Plants in Bloom

Remember last week I forgot my camera when I went to my Mom’s house, but I used her camera, and finally brought the photos home. Okay, so last week the Quince flowers were open:


And the rhododendrons were beautiful (the heat killed the blossoms way too fast this year):


And the azaleas (same deal with the blossoms and the heat):


And gaznia, which the woodchucks promptly ate (grrrr):


And Solomon’s Seal (I wanted a macro of these, but I didn’t use Mom’s camera right to get a good macro):


And this week, I started taking photos and then it started raining so I didn’t get to finish. Here’s some flowers from the Weigela shrub. The first one has a little bee inside:

2007-06-03 021

2007-06-03 023

The beautiful German Iris we planted last fall are starting to blossom:

2007-06-03 026

2007-06-03 030

2007-06-03 031

I enjoy iris buds, too:

2007-06-03 032

A different view of some of the ferns:

2007-06-03 037

And then the storm hit (wind and rain):

2007-06-03 038

As I was planting seeds this damselfly was flitting about, making it really hard to get a good photo – this was the best I could do:

2007-06-03 007_crop