Making weeding fun

So this afternoon I started weeding my gardens, and noticed some piggy has eaten almost all of my Echinacea down (and I have a ton of it). Grrrr, the echinacea flowers are for the butterflies and the seed pods are for the birds, grrrrrrrrrrrr. I hope they recover and end up blossoming. Or else. I know just who the piggy is, too.

2007-06-09 011

As I was leaving for work early this morning I noticed all of the peony buds were unfurling. I hoped they would wait for me, but they didn’t. Here’s another one that was tightly wrapped just yesterday, almost in full bloom today:

2007-06-09 002

I pulled this next weed and then saw the caterpillar. Hope I didn’t screw up his food. There’s lots more plants.

2007-06-09 016

I thought this plant had croaked years ago, and I saw it under my peony plant today. It’s got such a pretty, delicate yellow flower (I need to find the name):

2007-06-09 027

Here’s another ladybug on my ginger:

2007-06-09 007

Since the peonies are in full bloom, I decided to get up close & personal with my irises. Here’s the inside of iris #1

2007-06-09 030

And a side view

2007-06-09 032

and another side view

2007-06-09 033

Here’s the inside of iris #2

2007-06-09 036

And a side view

2007-06-09 038

Iris #3 – you’re next. But for now I’m enjoying the way your very light purple color sparkles in the sunlight:

2007-06-09 040

The cherries are coming along good for the birds, if some other fat ass doesn’t eat them before they get a chance to ripen and eat them.

2007-06-09 043

Mmmm, spearmint is growing great in my mint bed:

2007-06-09 044

And now I’m making sun tea out of the spearmint and peppermint leaves.

2007-06-09 045

I wish I could share this wonderful sun tea with you when it’s ready, mmmmm, along with some rhubarb dessert that I’m going to go make right now. Mmmmm, I love the weekends! And I love perfect June days!