Guess This Macro!

Sandy suggested I do a quiz of my macros which is a great idea! I was thinking of doing that, and now I wish I didn’t already shown you my poppy from yesterday, because I think that one is so cool. But here’s one for you to guess!

2007-06-10 021

Looky Mon@rch, nice, cold Stewart’s Root Beer! Mmmmmm. I know, I know, I’ve gone off the deep end taking photos of stuff in my Mom’s fridge.

2007-06-10 012

I tried very hard to get a good photo of my Mom’s cat (she was my Dad’s cat and I’ve called her Miss Kitty in past posts), but she is so curious that every time I whip out the camera and put it in her face she doesn’t sit still. I captured several photos, one including washing her butt, which. is. just. lovely. Let me just show that to the world. But I did capture her at the end of a yawn yesterday, which I think makes her look like a big ferocious tiger, uh huh.

2007-06-10 071

If you think that tummy showing is for scritchin, wrong! She clamps all four paws on my hand every time I try to give her gentle tummy scritches.

Have fun guessing the flower macro!