Day: June 15, 2007

George Eastman House Garden

Last evening I went to the George Eastman House for a lecture given by Willie Osterman who is a Professor at RIT in the Fine Arts Department on the Zone System of Photography. This is a method developed by Ansel Adams and Fred Archer in 1941.

2007-06-14 002

Before the lecture I took a real quick tour of the garden, and here’s what I saw.

2007-06-14 017

Huge poppy flowers:

2007-06-14 005

And what’s left after the petals start falling off:

2007-06-14 006

A cool twisted vine:

2007-06-14 007

which was on this:

2007-06-14 018

Blue and Pink Hydrangeas:

2007-06-14 008

2007-06-14 009

I love the symmetry in this photo:

2007-06-14 010

These roses smelled wonderful:

2007-06-14 013

The flowers on this honeysuckle vine smelled sooo good:

2007-06-14 016

And the zone photography system is really cool! If you ever get a chance to learn about it, go for it! It’s one of those things now that I’ve learned something new I realize how very little I know about photography, le sigh. To read about the zone system, or about basic photography, Willie recommended the book “The Ansel Adams Guide: Basic Techniques of Photography – Book 1 by John Schaefer.  There’s also info about it on the web (so I don’t have to figure out how to describe it now)!  Here’s one site, and there’s others.